iOS 12 beta reveals new AirPods wireless charging case for upcoming AirPower wireless charging mat

“Apple released a fresh beta version of iOS 12 today, and with it came an apparent look at the next AirPods case,” Ashley Carman writes for The Verge.

“We had an idea this case was coming at some point and that it would likely include a charge status indicator light on the outside,” Carman writes. “The case might also support wireless charging, and we’re probably going to hear about it during Apple’s annual fall hardware event, so prepare yourself accordingly.”

“Behold the green dot and what might be Apple’s new AirPods charging case,” Carman writes. “It looks a lot like the old one, except, you know, with a green light.”

Read more, and see the images, in the full article here.

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  1. For once, when Apple releases products, such as the AirPods, iPhone X, also try releasing the supported accessories at the same time ( the mat), not a century later. It’s not rocket science Apple (or maybe it is for pipeline)

  2. I’ve no issue with the mat taking so long, it’s clearly a complicated product; but I do have a problem with them announcing something which was clearly not even close to being ready. It’s not as if it was some amazing product that everyone was clamouring for, if they hadn’t announced it people would hardly have changed their buying plans. They weren’t buying iPhone, Apple Watches just because of the mat.

    1. Oh, you mean like the Mac Pro? Now, can you imagine if iPhone case makers didn’t have cases for the X for 6months after release? The mat cannot be that complicated. Especially for a company with Apple’s resources. This is just another fail, in what is becoming a longer and longer list for Apple. Pretty pathetic.

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