Apple is in danger of abandoning creative pros

“Apple has stepped in it several times recently,” Jamie Lendino writes for ExtremeTech. “Recent missteps have been affecting the company’s most loyal fans: creative professionals. And while I know this particular bell has threatened to ring a few times in Apple’s past, and Mac sales have yet to slip significantly, it’s feeling more and more real this time around.”

“Over the past few years, Apple has trashed its prized laptop keyboard, much to the chagrin of journalists and writers. Apple also ditched the SD card slot; it’s been almost two years and there’s still no good alternative for photographers snapping big RAW files and videographers shooting 4K all day, at least besides cumbersome dongles,” Lendino writes. “Now, the top-end version of its flagship laptop has become Cupertino’s latest headache, thanks to a Core i9 CPU throttling bug (which, thankfully, Apple is moving quickly to fix with an OS update) — this on a multi-thousand-dollar machine that’s targeted at exactly the creative pros it claims to support.”

“Apple’s macOS is still unparalleled for its lack of bullshit. No, seriously: Macs don’t throw stupid dialogs in your face all day because of this or that error, update reminder, notification, or crapware ad. Your work is always the main focus. It doesn’t interrupt you, because you’re working and it understands that,” Lendino writes. “‘You will see us do more in the pro area,’ CEO Tim Cook said back in early 2017 at a shareholder meeting, in a response to a question about the Mac Pro. ‘The pro area is very important to us. The creative area is very important to us in particular.’ I still don’t doubt the company’s commitment. But I’m certainly disturbed by its inability to execute lately. There’s a lot at risk here.”

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MacDailyNews Take: First of all, Apple has identified a software bug and is rolling out a fix now. And secondly, everyone on the planet knows that Tim Cook’s Apple was, and perhaps still is, distracted by The Colossal Distraction (Apple Park) and screwed the pooch on professional Macs. Apple needs to nail it on the next-gen Mac Pro, but for any creative pro worth his or her salt, it would take a helluva lot more for them to downgrade to the “Windows experience,” i.e. personal computing hell.

Apple releases firmware update for CPU throttling in new MacBook Pros – July 24, 2018


  1. “distracted by The Colossal Distraction (Apple Park) and screwed the pooch on professional Macs.”
    That’s an excuse… as they’ve been able to do a LOT of other things at the same time! A more critical assessment would be that they’re not interested in professional Macs (or improved Macs in general) because of whatever reason. They’ll still make them, because people still buy them, but only a small number of a small number of systems are sold to folks that use professional apps multiple times a month in the first place.

    Also, Apple are not “in danger” of it, Apple HAS abandoned certain creative pro’s. However, in many cases, they’ve replaced those they lost with new ones (FCP7 had just over 2 million users at it’s height, FCPX has passed that number). These new pros are buying into the new Apple with their closed unupgradable machines. So when Apple produces another closed unupgradable (but modular) future system, they won’t see anything wrong with that. Fact is, if you don’t like the systems Apple’s making today, there’s a VERY good chance you won’t like the ones they make tomorrow.

  2. To think the Spaceship is the material reason for Apple’s going astray is naive. They have 100,000 employees! That’s enough of a force to keep things on-track. It’s either leadership giving attn to other things in pursuit of profit, or bad leadership taking attn from important elements. Because Tim has had numerous/regular problems with “simple/expected” product updates, say nothing of meeting “special” release dates, I think it’s the latter. It’s a big “Why” because of the work force size to execute is in place. There’s no excuse…even the Spaceship, imo.

  3. Too late Apple. Used to be 100% Mac. Now spend 75% of working time on a Wintel box. It’s faster, much less expensive, just as durable, and it gets the job done.

    The Fashionistas at Apple have destroyed the Mac for any business owner, artists, creative pros, scientists, and educators. You ask super premium prices for disposable unrepairable poorly designed products. Soldered drives, thermal throttling, no useful ports, poor battery life, shitty keyboards, … truly anti-user behavior. Mac today is superficial branding from a lazy fat company, not better like they used to be.

  4. Windows long ago left a bad taste in my mouth that can never be erased. But what really gets me is not only other creative pros but anyone period who would willingly subject themselves to this obviously inferior, nightmarish experience. But there have always been a lot of idiots in this world who remain unaware that ignorance is Not bliss.

    1. “But what really gets me is not only other creative pros but anyone period who would willingly subject themselves to this obviously inferior, nightmarish experience.”

      No nightmare, reality. I worked in all Mac employer companies since the late 1980s. Six years ago my latest employer switched and is PC running Windows 7. I adapted in one day.

      Certainly not as elegant as the Mac OS, needy annoying windows and way too much IT support.

      That said, faster, more powerful, less expensive and instantly upgradable.

      So what is your point Apple apologist?

      BTW, all Apple at home since the early 1980s …

      1. As a long time Apple Products Fan (and not perse a fan of Apple or Steve) it is beyong me how Apple:
        -Creates a notebook for Pro use that needs so many dongles
        –The previous form factor is still more beautiful than ANY available on WINTEL. Perhaps some photos might get close, but when you see the junk you know whay you have an Apple.
        –The previous model with new technology would have been THE BOMB, Apple! Guess how many people actually USE the touch-bar as it is advertised? I see little use for it and as has been pointed out, since you can not buy an external keyboard with it, even Apple do not seem to believe in it? They could even limit the use of such a keyboard to users of notebooks that HAVE a Touch Bar on board.
        -I love my Apple watch. But why does it fail to read my heartrate when it matters most? During runs? It is as accurate as my Polar gear, but NOT as reliable! Third itteration, still not good enough.
        -I love my iPhone 8, but why, in one of the most densely populated countries, The Netherlands, with 4G everywhere, does GPS fail during runs? I am not in some sort of rainforest, I run into people walking their dogs, still, it failesd to find my parked car.
        –I dare to second guess the succes stories I read, Apple Watches an iPhones saving lives in the US in the forest, I call bullshit given my experience. Not based on 1 usit, cause that unit might have been defective, but based on multiple 7 and an 8.
        -Apple’s problem is like any company with share holders: Profit. Too much concentration on profit too little on best products. People set out to make great things, their company grows, investments or returns on hard work require ipo and suddenly the focus shifts towards making the most money. I understand that, but I would have liked Apple to have been able to stand it’s ground and say: Screw it! We make great stuff. Have shares? Big whoop. I thought it was that if you keep making great stuff, the pofits aould come automatically with Apple.

        I am but a simple man. I do not have the answers. But if it were up to me, I would have the following lineup: (Marketing terms I leave to people better at it than I am)

        iPhone: Fast, Fastest, Fastest large
        Mac: Fast, Fastest, Fastest Large (upgradable CPU RAM SSD)
        Mac Pro: Configurable to any spec, old housing
        MBP: idem (12, 13, 15″)
        MB: idem (12, 13, 15″)
        Air: idem, but not upgradeable (11, 13″)
        Mini: Fast, Fastest, (upgradable CPU RAM SSD)

        Gear: I love the Apple gear, but please, either make it and keep it or don’t. Don’t make printers and stop, don’t make routers and stop etc. Instead: Work closely with gear makers that are LIKE you and recommend their stuff.

  5. Oh please. The whining on this site is just incredible.

    Apple is not in danger of losing “creative pros” because even today’s entry-level iMacs are just as powerful as the high-end machines a few years ago.

    I have an office full of people creating digital content on Macs, and never once has anyone complained their machines were just too darn slow.

    1. Obviously, Mac Pro details are of no interest to you. Compare Pro PCs specs and prices to Apple offerings. The reality will hit you immediately. We have more than enough apologists here …

  6. Correct headline:
    Apple Can’t Wait to Completely Abandon Creative Pros

    And then,
    “According to multiple sources who asked not to be identified for fear of retaliation, top management at Apple Inc. is wreathing in unresolved agony in an attempt to find a good method to abandon MacPro without unleashing a likely huge wave of anti-Apple clickbait articles which would tarnish its image even among casual users. They have bandied about several solutions in recent top level meetings: Continue to do nothing to MacPro which would slowly decrease any interest in the EOL technology where its targeted users, those enthralled with small gadgets, would not even notice, with the iMacPro filling in most of the void. Unambiguously announce the death of MacPro without introducing a direct replacement. The backlash would be more vocal than when it replaced FinalCut with FinalCut Pro cold turkey. Or it could introduce a super duper MacPro with features to completely satisfy top notch pro users. This option is unlikely because its small market would not be cost effective as well as because Apple’s heart does not lie in tech that can’t be further innovated. Where Apple will go, “only time will tell.”

    (God, I wanted to use that often employed cliche used even by experienced tech writers even though though it weakens an otherwise strong article.)

  7. I can’t even describe how pissed off I am at how poorly Pipeline Tim Cook has managed Apple. The lack of pro machines and updates; as well as no display; is SO unacceptable!!! I pray for the day he is replaced or retires. Apple is SO UNFOCUSED! The company is underperforming, because it actually would do better in so many areas if they just executed and released products their customers want. (Mac Pro, Display, MacBook Pro WITH I/O options, 4″ i Phone X, etc…)

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