“Apple has stepped in it several times recently,” Jamie Lendino writes for ExtremeTech. “Recent missteps have been affecting the company’s most loyal fans: creative professionals. And while I know this particular bell has threatened to ring a few times in Apple’s past, and Mac sales have yet to slip significantly, it’s feeling more and more real this time around.”

“Over the past few years, Apple has trashed its prized laptop keyboard, much to the chagrin of journalists and writers. Apple also ditched the SD card slot; it’s been almost two years and there’s still no good alternative for photographers snapping big RAW files and videographers shooting 4K all day, at least besides cumbersome dongles,” Lendino writes. “Now, the top-end version of its flagship laptop has become Cupertino’s latest headache, thanks to a Core i9 CPU throttling bug (which, thankfully, Apple is moving quickly to fix with an OS update) — this on a multi-thousand-dollar machine that’s targeted at exactly the creative pros it claims to support.”

“Apple’s macOS is still unparalleled for its lack of bullshit. No, seriously: Macs don’t throw stupid dialogs in your face all day because of this or that error, update reminder, notification, or crapware ad. Your work is always the main focus. It doesn’t interrupt you, because you’re working and it understands that,” Lendino writes. “‘You will see us do more in the pro area,’ CEO Tim Cook said back in early 2017 at a shareholder meeting, in a response to a question about the Mac Pro. ‘The pro area is very important to us. The creative area is very important to us in particular.’ I still don’t doubt the company’s commitment. But I’m certainly disturbed by its inability to execute lately. There’s a lot at risk here.”

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MacDailyNews Take: First of all, Apple has identified a software bug and is rolling out a fix now. And secondly, everyone on the planet knows that Tim Cook’s Apple was, and perhaps still is, distracted by The Colossal Distraction (Apple Park) and screwed the pooch on professional Macs. Apple needs to nail it on the next-gen Mac Pro, but for any creative pro worth his or her salt, it would take a helluva lot more for them to downgrade to the “Windows experience,” i.e. personal computing hell.

Apple releases firmware update for CPU throttling in new MacBook Pros – July 24, 2018