President Trump promises action against the EU over record Google antitrust fine

“President Trump has sharply criticised the European Union over the record €4.3 billion ($5.1bn) anti-trust fine levied [against Google] earlier this week,” Graeme Burton reports for V3. “The announcement of the findings had been due in June [but] was put back to prevent it from over-shadowing Trump’s state visit to Europe earlier this month.”

“In a tweet, Trump claimed that the fine was proof that the terms of trade between the EU and US were unfair: ‘I told you so! The European Union just slapped a Five Billion Dollar fine on one of our great companies, Google. They truly have taken advantage of the U.S., but not for long!'” Burton reports. “The case will almost certainly come up between President Trump and European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker in a meeting next week.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: The EC fined Google because Google:

• has required manufacturers to pre-install the Google Search app and browser app (Chrome), as a condition for licensing Google’s app store (the Play Store);
• made payments to certain large manufacturers and mobile network operators on condition that they exclusively pre-installed the Google Search app on their devices; and
• has prevented manufacturers wishing to pre-install Google apps from selling even a single smart mobile device running on alternative versions of Android that were not approved by Google (so-called “Android forks”).

Google clearly breached EU antitrust rules as follows:

• Illegal tying of Google’s search and browser apps
• Illegal payments conditional on exclusive pre-installation of Google Search
• Illegal obstruction of development and distribution of competing Android operating systems

On, BTW, here’s what Google’s Android looked like before and after Apple’s iPhone:

Google Android before and after Apple iPhone

And, here’s what cellphones looked like before and after Apple’s iPhone:

cellphones before and after Apple iPhone

People who buy Android phones and tablets reward thieves.

Why Google owes the European Union $5 billion – July 18, 2018
EU hits Google with record €4.34 billion fine for abusing market dominance – July 18, 2018


    1. I think we can chalk up accusing the Europeans of being anti-American for enforcing their own antitrust laws alongside

      1) Accusing Canada of being a threat to US national security because of a trade deficit that is actually a trade surplus.

      2) Slapping tariffs on steel shipments across the Mexican border when the US actually sells more steel to Mexico than vice-versa.

      3) Acting surprised at Chinese economic hegemony in the Asia-Pacific region after walking away from a trade partnership that was expressly aimed against China, while making no real effort to replace it.

      4) Accusing Montenegro, a small nation that fought on our side in both world wars and currently has troops alongside ours in Afghanistan, of being a “very aggressive people” who might spark World War III.

      5) Endorsing as “an excellent idea” turning over to Russian prosecutors the questioning of witnesses in a pending federal case involving Russian crimes against America.

      6) Seriously considering allowing those same Russian prosecutors to interrogate American citizens who have stood up to Russia, including some Americans with diplomatic immunity.

      7) Taking seriously a Russian proposal to annex the Donbass region of Ukraine via a “referendum” conducted under Russian control.

      8) Applauding Russian actions in Syria that have saved the dictator’s bacon, killed thousands, displaced millions, and entrenched Iranian military forces and surrogates right next to Israel.

      9) Labeling the journalists who have reported all the above as “enemies of the people.”

      By that standard, standing up for an alleged lawbreaker like Google is fairly small potatoes.

      As an American ambassador in Europe commented this week, “The President acted like a pussy, and Putin grabbed him.”

        1. My wife and I are childless. I have no problem with it. And, I am told everyday by parents what a great decision/situation we are in. We are having a great time! 40 is the new 20, 50 is the new 30. Whatever. I like the knowledge life gives you, and the freedom from dependents to live it!

      1. It seems that there a pattern with Trump and aggression with the Black Mountain nation.
        He can be seen here, last year, at the NATO summit pushing the Montenegrin President aside to be first in a picture.

        The douche doesn’t fall far from the bag!

    1. Dirty Donald is tearing down what has made America great for generations for personal gain and enrichment. I can’t wait til Putin’s Poodle chokes on a cheeseburger.

    2. This comment is either made by an under-educated racist fool or a Russian troll factory. Either way, there’s nothing to think about here. Let’s get back to some intellectual discussions.

    1. Obviously, there is a difference between over-regulation and defending American corporations from senseless foreign money grabs. Basically, 5 billion dollars answers the Euro-socialist’s greatest question. What do you do when your people run out of money? You start taxing American Corporations.

      1. Then you will have accused your own regulators who levied $37B in fines on banks that failed the money laundering test, that EU banks paid 40% of the fines for less than 25% of the transactions? And the regulators fining US banks at 1/10th the EU fines for over 40% of the illegal transactions must have really pissed you off.
        I mean, what a nerve when regulators punish transgressors of national trade laws.

  1. Oh yes, bring it on, popcorn sales through the roof. This is a great president, tells it like it is.

    “Because we’re so stupid.”
    Donald Trump

    1. Donald Trump is a smart man and a refreshingly outspoken one. Still, it is puzzling why the man continues to make himself look guilty. WTF? The only thing I can think of is that he never listens to his advisors’ cautions and insists on being his rude, impulsive self. There is nothing wrong with that type of behaviour in principle, but it seems shockingly imprudent to indulge in it whilst under investigation by a special prosecutor. A smarter fellow, Richard Nixon, couldn’t quite wriggle out of the Iron Maiden of the Inquisition, but perhaps times have changed since 1974, and crime actually does pay now. It sure seems like it.

      1. Hey there, I guess if you are still writing to me then you don’t mind my weekend diatribes. I’ll agree that the chump has some smarts in certain aspects and I do find him refreshingly outspoken as well. There nothing wrong with impulsiveness but rude behavior, especially on the world stage, I’d have to ask- are you daft? What principle are you talking about anyway?

        He’s been rude all right, so rude that he’s drained the swamp indeed he’s done is so very well that now he’s the swamp thing. He’s a super hero, not a team player so screw NAFTA, TPP, WTO, NATO, the UN and EU and any other team organization. He wants to play one on one with the other swamp things.

        He’s got the worst deal ever, a planet where get this, there are people who are not from Apple’s home nation… but not for long! What a great way to end a tweet, veiled or not, it sounds like a threat. I think it’s worth seeing how it works at the start of a tweet, so here is my Top Ten chump Tweets starting with “but not for long!”

        -but not for long! I’m going to start another trade war, they are so easy to win.
        -but not for long! that wall’s going to be built any day now and you know who will be paying for it.
        -but not for long! As soon as we find that weapons of mass destruction program in Iraq we are going to invade Montenegro.
        -but not for long! I’m going to marry some gorgeous babe from over there, pump a kid into her, then cheat on her with babes from my country. That will show them.
        -but not for long! They’ll soon learn that our sovereign laws are the only ones worth following.
        -but not for long! As soon as I find out how this red button works.
        -but not for long! The new facilities at Guantanomobushobummertrumpo on the bay are being freshly painted.
        -but not for long! Just another obummer mess only I can clean up.
        -but not for long! As soon as the technician fixes the red button it will all be over soon. He’s a great guy, a first responder, you folks do such a great job.
        -but not for long! We have their kids.

        The time for thinking of it as criminal in any sense is long behind us, the shrub’s post second 9-11 actions of circumventing the Geneva Convention and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights will not be answered by justice. Your nation is beyond humanity’s laws, they are no longer crimes against humanity but rather acts against humanity. Fortunately karma will still apply and it’s going to be quite a bitch. Your nation has been getting literally getting away with murder, but not for long!

    1. The same number of times you pretend you’re some great artist. So far your art appears to be appending the word artist to your name, and rather poor commentary.

      Fake artist! I poop on Snoops and Fake Arsetists like John dingleberry Dingler dong.

  2. The Libs on here say a lot of stuff…..and it means nothing.

    All of you need to get a new reality check.
    The world has seen what you are made of and the countries that have suffered from it to this day will be better of when the last of the libs are ousted.

    Yes, I’m saying it….The whole world is watching,
    and they see how empty your rhetoric is.

    Good luck with that Socialist angle in the next 6 years.
    It will guarantee more tilt to the Right just as the last 8 have.
    I couldn’t have dreamed this any better….

    1. Ok, I’ll bite. What countries have suffered from liberalism? The European countries with the most comprehensive social democracies also rank the highest on most indices of happiness, health, personal liberty, and so forth. The illiberal nations rank lower and have droves of dissatisfied citizens leaving the country. The same is true in Africa, Asia, and Latin America: the liberal democracies are also the best places to live.

      That is not to suggest that the US should abandon genuine conservative principles. However, we did just that in the last election. Massive government intervention on behalf of a few favored businesses or a single demographic at the expense of everyone else is not conservative.

      That said, you may be right about a continued rightward tilt. Our Leader really could shoot somebody in the middle of Fifth Avenue without losing his core supporters. If selling out to Russia on live TV wouldn’t do it, why would anything else?

    2. You are truly delusional if you think the problems of the world are all due to increased freedom (i.e., liberalism). To establish rules and allow everyone the freedom to compete within those rules is how the modern world works. Why would you see any virtue is an angry fat old man who thinks he should unilaterally halt international trade, treat peaceful allies like enemies (his words), and schmooze behind closed doors with dictators? Is that the responsible government you want? Just because you and Trump think the 1800’s were really fun doesn’t mean the USA can turn back the clock.

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