Apple’s Mac could become No.1 in personal computer market share

“A lot has been written of late about sales of Apple Mac computers with both IDC and Gartner publishing their quarterly PC sales assessments for both the U.S. and the world,” J. M. Manness writes for Seeking Alpha. “Apple has gained market share in all but one of the last 37 quarters.”

“In the past, Macs had been purchased mostly by consumers and artists, with few sales in the typical corporate environment. This has been changing lately driven by several factors. First, some see the value proposition in a computer that needs significantly less support than the Windows PC,” Manness writes. “Google and Cisco have been leaders in large companies going for Macs wholesale. A second driving force has been the BYOD movement initiated by smartphones and the related choose your own device options. All this has been driven by the halo effect of the iOS devices.”

Read more in the full article, in which Manness writes that Apple could eventually take the No.1 spot in personal computer market share, here.

MacDailyNews Take: What’s a computer?

The iPad is certainly a personal computer and, when you include it in PC unit sales, Apple already is #1 in personal computer market share and has been for many years now.

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  1. C’mon, its so painfully obvious, If Apple had a Mac Pro “Business suite” every millennial start-up would use only macs, think of it, Imagine loving being on Macs your entire life and getting a job at a bank or ad agency, and its Windows based, You’re hating life.

    Always an argument for Apple Market share and the pro/business environment is so fruitful.

    Also, most businesses have this thing called a
    “Budget” to spend money on equipment

    it’s just marketing,

    1. Yes, they do, and if that company is well managed it’s IT budget includes support costs. That’s where Macs are suddenly less expensive than Winters. It’s called Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

      IBM, Cisco and others are making significant progress demonstrating the lower TCO of Macs in the enterprise. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Mac enterprise unit sales exceeded current total sales by 2030 (just 11 years from now). That would mean approximately 45 million units per year.

  2. Let me get this strait.
    When apple had superior hardware and software that had a bit of a higher margin it was an also ran.
    Now that they are using mostly the same crap components with higher failure rates, and crazy margins ($3200 for a 3.5TB SSD Upgrade) market share is going up. Just goes to show what idiots run corporate IT.

    1. Apple is a Fashion House/ Lifestyle Brand that is interested in renting you services like TV, Movies Music, Books, cloud services and cell phones. They also have a legacy business that makes computers which receives few resources but occasional lip service.

      Do not mistake it for Apple Computer, a company that once marketed the “Bicycle for the Mind” as its greatest gift to the world. That company died with Steven Paul Jobs.

      It’s that vision thing. Tim Cook is undoubtedly a very capable man and probably a nice person, but he does not have the vision or the fire in the belly that founders possess.

    2. There’s never been anything particularly special about the components in Apple computers. They never made their own processors. They never made their own hard disks, or RAM. They bought in bulk like everyone else. They just made it all look very nice. A PC is a PC even when its a Mac.

      What has always made a Mac a Mac is the OS, and arguably that is what you are paying the premium for. The right to run the macOS on supported hardware legally.

      Also a 4TB internal SSD from Dell is about $9000.,112781467989,901q5c14135,c,,400-AQEF&VEN2=,&dgc=st&dgseg=so&acd=12309152537501410&VEN3=112804494565222097

  3. Yes, Apple’s Macintosh computer could have the #1 market share, IF Pipeline gave a damn.

    The problem is, Pipeline doesn’t.

    That’s why we have a 4 year old Mac Pro.

    That’s why we have a Mac Mini that virtually everyone recommends NOT to buy it.

    This is because of Pipeline.

  4. Current Apple leadership in uninspired in realizing how they could increase Mac sales if they were the least inclined and creative and rethought the Mac and it’s possibilities. It’s been a lost opportunity. If they were the least imaginative increased Mac sales as a result of an invigorated Mac division would help get them over the trillion mark faster.

    You can’t fix stupid. You can only replace it with something smarter.

  5. I have to wonder if Apple really gives a damn about its desktops and laptops or do they simply don’t understand what consumers want. Its obvious Apple isn’t going to be able to sell as many computers as their rivals because Apple charges a lot more for their products. However, I really can’t figure out why Apple won’t upgrade something as simple as the Mac Mini. It shouldn’t be difficult to do with off-the-shelf components.

    This MacBook Pro with the high-end i9 is a real puzzler to me. How can Apple sell a computer that instantly thermal-throttles under load? Wouldn’t that be something that is easily caught in testing the product long before offering it to the consumer? It makes Apple seem downright stupid. It’s as though Apple is becoming its own worst enemy.

    Why has building decent computers become so difficult for Apple to do? Does Apple no longer have quality control for its products? Am I just being more critical of Apple in my old age? Maybe I’m just blowing everything out of proportion. Do sales of Mac desktops and laptops conflict with the sales of iPhones and iPads, so Apple only exerts half-effort when designing desktops and laptops? Would that make any sense? Has Apple gotten too big where one half of the company doesn’t know what the other half is doing? Are they deliberately fighting one another for internal power?

  6. Let’s face it – the biggest company in the world is in such trouble! People are saying it, so it must be true. The only question is how to fix the problem. Luckily, internet talky people are here to tell Apple how. Thank God. Finally someone is giving Apple some free advice.

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