Sharecuts is creating a community for sharing Siri Shortcuts

“With the upcoming release of iOS 12, Apple is introducing a new app called Shortcuts that will allow users to build custom voice commands for Siri that can be used to kick off a variety of actions in apps,” Sarah Perez reports for TechCrunch. ” While some apps will directly prompt users to add a Shortcut to Siri, the new Shortcuts app will offer more shortcut suggestions to try, plus the ability to create your own shortcuts and workflows.”

“Now, there’s a new resource for shortcut fans, too – Sharecuts, a directory of shortcuts created and shared by the community. The site is still very much in the early stages,” Perez reports. “Plus, iOS 12 is still in beta testing itself, and the Shortcuts app can only be installed by developers who request access via an invite. But by the time iOS 12 releases to the public later this fall, Sharecuts’ directory will be filled out and a lot more functional.”

“The premise, explains Sharecuts’ creator Guilherme Rambo, was to make an easily accessible place where people could share their shortcuts with one another, discover those others have shared, and suggest improvements to existing shortcuts,” Perez reports. “It’s written in Swift and open-sourced on GitHub so others can contribute.”

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