Who tech founders would be if they were America’s founding fathers; Steve Jobs is Benjamin Franklin

“In few other industries does the cult of personality function so strong as in the technology world. Here we find the digital world’s founding fathers,” Rachel Kraus writes for Mashable. “Who’s who in our fledgling tech-nation state? Read on for who each Tech CEO would be if he — and yes, most are he — were one of the Founding Fathers.”

Steve Jobs is Benjamin Franklin
They’re both eccentric, undeniable geniuses, so we’ve gotta give the O.G. Benjamin Franklin spot to Steve Jobs. Franklin helped articulate and manifest his vision for America by unifying the colonies. He was a newspaper man and inventor as well as a statesman who saw America through from the spark of an idea to a real-life new country. On another note, Franklin was also a bit infamous for his many affairs, and his propensity for taking “air baths” (walking around naked). Now, Jobs might not be legendary in exactly the same way, but he’s a larger-than-life figure whose vision for Apple and the iPhone is still guiding the tech industry as a whole. He’s also known for his sizable ego, and his need to have his hands in many pots at Apple. But the world would not be the same without either men. Uncle Ben and Daddy Steve: the 🐐s of America and tech alike.

Bill Gates is George Washington

MacDailyNews Take: Bzzt! Bill Gates is Benedict Arnold*. Duh.

Tim Cook is James Madison
Cook isn’t a founder, but as the post-Steve Jobs CEO of Apple, he’s had to guide an empire led by an eccentric genius into a global powerhouse making bank around the world. Now, James Madison was kind of the nuts-and-bolts guy of the Founding Fathers. Known as the “Father of the Constitution,” he steered the ship at the Constitutional Convention. And he’s responsible for the Bill of Rights, which took all of those theoretical ideas about “freedom” and made them into laws. Is James Madison as sexy as Benjamin Franklin? No. But he and Cook are in the trenches, gettin’ the job done.

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Jobs’ and Cook’s comparisons are complimentary. Benjamin Franklin is certainly an apt choice for Steve Jobs. As for Cook, the jury remains out. Perhaps Apple has now grown too big for one CEO, but we’d like to see all of Apple’s product lines up-to-date (at the very least) before we start comparing Cook to James Madison.

*Eric Schmidt is Peggy Shippen.


  1. No. Steve Jobs did not think of minorities as lesser than himself as Franklin did since he owned slaves. Jobs father was a Syrian immigrant who was raised in a Muslim household.

    1. The late 1700’s were a very different time. Science has informed a great many things since then, especially cultural values surrounding racial equality. The Founding Fathers were extremely humanistic and forward thinking for their time.

      If Ben Franklin we’re alive today, he’d be a major voice for global human rights.

    2. He wasn’t raised in a Muslim family. Birth father was indeed Syrian, but adopted family was white/non-Muslim. SJ didn’t care much about his birth father, defined as “sperm bank” and considered his adopted parents as his real parents.
      Kind of like, Washington Free Beacon, that you erroneously defined as a “GOP website.”
      You’re harming people that don’t know better…if you think truth is important.

      1. “Loose with the Facts again BJ … ”

        “He wasn’t raised in a Muslim family.”

        I wrote: ” Jobs father was a Syrian immigrant who was raised in a Muslim household.”

        Just like today many are raised in a “Christian” household but non actually practice “Christianity”

        1. OK-fine, then what’s your point? Steve Jobs had little or no regard for his original birth parent. In fact, he never met him after adoption and had no desire to do so (lotsa respect there, huh!). Therefore to use the birth father’s faith as a reason for Jobs not being bigoted is your own interjection. Congratulations in ascribing credibility to everything you dream. It’s a skill that can grow with practice.

      2. “Kind of like, Washington Free Beacon, that you erroneously defined as a “GOP website.””

        Per Wikipedia –
        “Michael Goldfarb (born June 6, 1980) is an American conservative[1] political writer. He was contributing editor for The Weekly Standard[2] and was a research associate at the Project for the New American Century.[3] During the 2008 presidential race he served as John McCain’s deputy communications director.[4] He is a founder of the online conservative magazine The Washington Free Beacon.[1] Goldfarb attracted some online attention for two posts ridiculing liberal bloggers as basement-dwelling Dungeons and Dragons players.[5]”

        Per NYT –
        “The Washington Free Beacon disclosed in congressional testimony on Friday that it is the mysterious client that initially paid for opposition research on Donald Trump performed by Fusion GPS, the firm that later worked with a former British spy to produce a dossier of claims about ties between Trump and Russia.”

        1. Sorry I guess I must be too rigid when to comes to the meaning of words and try to minimize conflation as much as possible. In your world conservative means GOP. Sure, more GOP’ers associate as conservatives. Can we also say more communists align with the Democratic Party priciples than the GOP? I guess it would be permissible in your world to then go on to say CNN is the website of the communist party? “I’m just using your method of deduction, by the way). Also the vaulted site that you referenced doesn’t use the word GOP.

          Beyond semantics, you again associate the dossier with the Republicans. Indeed its “first life“ was republican initiated but it was short-lived. It was its rebirth when the dossier of matter becomes relevant to the current court proceedings and has nothing to do with the Washington Free Beacon. In fact, it was Hillary‘s campaigb purse supported the research.

    1. I think revising history can be kind of amusing, especially when it fits the personal narrative.
      And we all know the proclamations of faith in God were just for show for some and others were referring to Gaia.

  2. Come on… What is this Apple?….. Steve Job holy week……. An Apple PR, carrot on the stick cycles shallowly designed to ffill in the lack of excitement on product front .. where it realy counts !!!?. .. ….The unattainable Genuis of the Steve at devine levels. Thats is all that counts… despite what is in your stores ……..

    Give us a break……….. he was one element in a big picture…
    Right time, right place, RIGHT FRIEND ( ignored by the gracious Apple managment in their new park ) ,…..GOD GIVEN charisma, articulate, …….megalomaniac/condescending ( every one is a bozo out there attitude) … BIG EGO….ruthless and selfish…… and way more !

    Is this what we are idealizing without any considerations for the F-ed ones along the way? F-ed for no good reason other than ego … ?……. or only worshiping the ” crazy ones” is what matters to u ?

    Just too much cult and deity placed on tge shoulders of one brilliant yet very flawed individual!
    Many fed his balloon…. and lost their own!

    There are way many hero’s out there deserving the and bigger salute !


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