Render based on schematics from third-party case-maker reveals 2018’s new iPhone X with three rear cameras

“On June 12 we told you that the new iPhone X was likely to arrive with no fewer than three rear cameras,” Paul Douglas reports for T3. “Now Dutch site Let’sGoDigital has teamed up with Concept Creator to imagine how these new iPhones might look, basing the designs on schematics which were obtained by Forbes from accessory maker Ghostek.”

“LetsGoDigital does point out that there’s still uncertainty about the position of the flash, as its placement was not visible in the Ghostek schematics, so while the renders position it beneath the cameras, it suggests that it could also be placed to the right of them,” Douglas reports. “Alternatively, the flash could adopt the same placement as the current iPhone X, which is to say betwixt the lenses.”

(Image: LetsGoDigital)
(Image: Let’sGoDigital)

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Certainly looks as one might image it’d look. What do you think?

And, yes, that notch is still an inelegant kludge.


  1. MDN I agree about the notch, can you imagine the battery life if they would just end their never ending quest for the thinnest phone… I don’t get it!

      1. the post made two points back to back. no where does it say the notch is a result of thinness, only wishing phone was thicker for better battery life. misinterpret much?

        1. Well I am with King thats the way it reads to me too. If they were separate points (and I am not saying they aren’t) then it would be better to have separated them with a full stop not a comma or used words that clearly differentiated the fact they were separate points. But hey no big deal.

  2. Question is, would the extra camera be for super zoom (perhaps 5x), as many rumors have indicated, or would it purely be for a rear, depth sensing camera as other rumors have said.

    Personally the 5x would be very appealing to me. Among the many benefits of a 5x zoom would be the ability to use the phone as a telescope, to be able to clearly see things at a distance that we could never see with the naked eye. I would love that feature

  3. Three cameras, but one flash LED? I thought that some previous versions of the iPhone had two flash LEDs to improve color accuracy.

    Perhaps they should make the “Spider Edition” of the iPhone with 9 cameras and several flash LEDs.

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