Apple adds LG Display as second supplier of OLED displays

“Apple Inc. will soon land a second supplier for the organic light-emitting diode screens used in high-end iPhones, according to people familiar with the matter, a key step in the U.S. company’s push to reduce iPhone costs and its dependence on Samsung Electronics Co.,” Min Jeong Lee and Sam Kim report for Bloomberg.

“South Korea’s LG Display Co. will initially supply between 2 million and 4 million units, small relative to Apple’s sales, as it continues to work on ramping up capacity, said one of the people, who asked not to be identified because the matter is private,” Lee and Kim report. “That would however help Apple gain leverage in price negotiations with Samsung, the sole supplier of OLED displays for the iPhone X and Apple’s primary rival in smartphones.”

“The first OLED screens from LG will be used in one model of the new iPhones slated for release this year, the people said. LG wants to supply all the screens for that Apple model, though it’s not clear it can yet achieve that, one of the people said. The shipment is subject to two layers of approval, the first of which is expected around July, the people said,” Lee and Kim report. “Apple is also in discussions with China’s BOE Technology Group Co. to supply OLED displays for iPhones, Bloomberg News reported in February.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Sleep tight, Samsung.

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  1. At MDN Take

    Why dont MDN say the same and act on to Google ads, because the revenue from the google ads is directly helping Samsung. Without Google Andriod OS Samsung is nothing given Samsung has no OS capability. Tizen is an incomplete joke. The annoying Google ads on the other hand is subsidizing “Free Andriod” and helping Samsung at the expense of rampant privacy issues, date mining, tracking and snooping.

  2. The MDN Take is only valid if LG’s OLED displays are equal to the displays offered by Samsung, and can be produced in sufficient quantities.

    I recall MDN griping about other “separate and unequal” components in iPhones, such as the Qualcomm/Intel modem chip and a previous generation of A-series processors. The problem is, it is impossible to guarantee that a component sourced from two separate suppliers will be equal. You can mandate and verify that all displays will meet a minimum spec. But the components from one supplier can exceed that spec and be better than the other one. Then you will end up with the same issue as before when people go to buy a new iPhone – which company supplied the [insert the name of the specific component here] on this iPhone?

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