Is building a Hackintosh worth the effort?

“ friend Michael Kammes decided to build a Hacintosh, a computer built from parts that runs macOS,” reports. “He succeeded, but was it worth it and would he do it again?”

“Macs can be expensive, but they work out of the box and we know that apps such as Final Cut Pro X are optimised for the machines,” reports. “However, for those who feel up to the technical challenge, it is possible to build a computer to run macOS for a lot less money than buying a new Mac off the shelf.” asks, “How does it benchmark with various NLEs against a Mac Pro and an iMac Pro?”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Impressive benchmarks!

Of course, the Mac Pro will turn 5 years old this December 19th, but even against the new iMac Pro, these are impressive price/performance results!

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  1. I would add to this question 2 more:
    A) A Hackintosh
    B) Buy an old 2012 Mac Pro and upgrade all the hardware you can
    C) Wait another year for the next “modular” Mac Pro

    Considering Intel 6 cores are starting to be affordable and 8 cores may lower their price very soon and be available even for 1051 mother boards I would wait a few months before a serious investment.

    Top iMacs “none Pro” may start using 8 cores next year or sooner as Intel may have then ready. The reason for this is AMD have the advantage right now in multicore CPUs and in rumored Intel is working to provide competitive CPUs.

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