Apple celebrates – *GASP!* – the Mac in new “Behind the Mac’ videos

Apple has remembered – drumroll, please – something called “the Mac” or something to that effect. We’re not sure.

“Mac.” It sounds vaguely familiar, but we just can’t place it.


Anyway, Apple’s made four videos and, weirdly, none of them involve smearing greasy fingers around on pristine displays, Animoji, or playing Pokémon.

The whole thing is perplexing.

It’s almost like these videos are about (drops voice to a whisper) doing real work.

Apple’s new “Behind the Mac’ videos:

• Behind the Mac — Grimes: Using a Mac as a portable recording studio allows Grimes to make music on her own terms. Learn more about making music on Mac at

Behind the Mac — Peter Kariuki: Entrepreneur and app developer Peter Karikui coded SafeMotos on his Mac. The app connects passengers with safe motorcycle taxi drivers across Rwanda. Learn more at

Mac — Behind the Mac — Apple: Behind the Mac people are making wonderful things and so could you. Learn more at

• Behind the Mac — Bruce Hall: As a photographer who is legally blind, Bruce Hall edits and retouches photos behind his Mac. With the help of accessibility features, Bruce can see the world around him. Learn more at


MacDailyNews Take: What’s a computer?

Hey, welcome back to the land of the living, Phil. That was a looong nap!


  1. In Behind The Mac – Apple did anyone notice the subtle hint that Macs last a long time? When the singer sings “About an artist getting old” on the word old they show a white plastic Mac that still works.

    Although it will go unnoticed by many people I think it’s a very clever subliminal message.

      1. I have already done that, the biggest issue is browser updates. Both Safari and Chrome on that computer are out of date, can’t be updated (because the makes won’t update not because they can’t), I am donating it to some one who just likes to do iPhoto slide shows.

  2. These ads don’t advertise the Mac.
    They advertise computers. Technology. Problem solving. Nowhere in the ad does it point out why, if you identify with these issues, WHY you should choose a Mac.

    The customer will say, yep, I identify with that. I’m off to buy a computer, now how much cash do I have?

    Apple shouldn’t be selling computers, they should be selling people a commitment that they will continue to service them with hardware that solves their needs and continues to do so in the future with a commitment to regular updates.

    The people solve their problem with a Mac, but what about solving a companies problem. How do Macs fit into a larger company.

    What happens when those people need to employ others.

    Add another Mac user.

    Then another.

    Soon you need a server.

    Oops we don’t sell those. Time to move to Windows if you want that.

    But if you are a single user then we have a solution.

    Apple used to be great at this.
    Now they just want to sell to individuals, preferably in a trendy moodily lit warehouse, doing cool stuff.

  3. I just bought a mint refurbed maxed out 2015 15″ MBP. Hoping to get at least 2-3 years out of it while having access to all the “legacy” ports and a damn good keyboard.

  4. Yippeeee. Apple Production Studios is practicing to make hip vague trite videos, which will soon be offered as vapid series for mass consumption. Yawn.


    There used to be tons of things. Long & Hodgman nailed it every week. Now even Apple can’t point out the few remaining advantages to Mac ownership.

    1. It’s not that the Mac has much left that it can do that you can’t do on a Windows computer, it’s that you can still do it better.

      Even Microsoft products like Remote Desktop and Office work better for the most part on a Mac.

  6. guess I can’t copy and paste my “where the Mac ads?” text which I’ve re re-used for the last SIX YEARS.

    why Apple didn’t put more effort selling Macs, their second largest hardware money maker after iPhone, had baffled me…

    hope they will continue though and not lose interest again…

    (More Ads = more sales = more developers and more incentive for Apple to keep making Macs)

  7. These ads show people hunched over their laptops squinting at small screens and not a mouse in sight. Most folks would be more productive with an iMac with a display large enough to show multiple windows, a range of ports for backup drives and other peripherals, a full size keyboard and mouse, etc. I’d like to see Apple promote the iMacs their utility, versatility and power. They beat most of the cheaply made Windoz boxes on the market.

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