I probably won’t buy a new MacBook Pro until Apple revives its own display line

“Apple has said it will once again make its own external monitors after having discontinuing its Thunderbolt Displays in 2016 (which was a bad idea),” Dennis Sellers writes for Apple World Today.I wouldn’t consider making a MacBook Pro my main computer until this happens.”

“New Apple monitors probably won’t ship until the company releases its new modular Mac Pro — which isn’t slated to happen until sometime in 2019,” Sellers writes. “I’d be pleasantly surprised if Apple releases new Thunderbolt Displays whenever it updates its MacBook Pro line (which will likely happen this summer or early fall). ”

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MacDailyNews Take: Displays are relatively cheap. You could pick one up as a stopgap until Apple gets their display act together. We wouldn’t let the lack of an Apple display stop you from buying a new MacBook Pro.

As per Apple-branded display, we told ya so yet again:

Apple ceding the display business damages the Apple brand. Apple does not lead in an essential personal computing component and other companies logos are destined to be in Mac users’ faces all day long. Not smart. Cook & Co. should reconsider their decision and make and sell Apple-branded displays. Direct profits aren’t the issue, ancillary profits are; smart executives like Cook should be able to recognize the power of perception.

Not making Apple-branded, Apple-designed displays is an example of Compaq thinking, Tim.MacDailyNews, January 5, 2017

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  1. What ecosystem? At this point seriously, big deal, Apple has a few related services. But want ecosystem? Sadly its companies like Google with an entire suite of software, chrome books, mail,
    cloud services, Search, advertising, now direct sales of goods, better version of siri, maps, and everything it seems, Android, i can think of it all fast enough. Youtube, Red, so much more,

    Apple continues to be a phone company and letting everyone in the ecosystem down,
    Why in the world does Apple not have their version of search? how about apples version of Youtube for video to go along with music? they cant even update a Laptop.

    Im back to where I was prior to the last earnings, Get rid of Pipeline Timmy, And By the way, big deal, they bought back stock, now that “bump” is baked in the stock price. But no new products, no upgrades. WTF? Certainly no signature software. Dont give me Final Cut Not so Pro.

    Another nightmare i ran into being on the road,
    can we stop pretending that Iphone Battery life is “All Day” or Laptops are 8 hours? its 2 hours tops if you’re using it, the rest is stand by.

    Yeah, so it would be nice to have an Apple Display for my Apple Tv, let alone workstation.
    Samsung probably makes it anyway.

    I have skin in the game, Past performance does not guarantee future results.

    1. I understand your frustration. As far as an Apple TV that is a space that still needs some innovation. My 88 year old mother is highly confused by all the TV source buttons she has to push to get to her ROKU, blu-ray player and cable TV. This kind of arrangement is no doubt soon to go the way of the Dodo bird but it stills exists for many today. Apple needs to simplify this space and the Apple TV box isn’t enough.

    2. I’ve complained a lot about Apple’s mis-management of its eco-system but Google hardly has a better one.

      Google has even worse pro level PCs than Apple, where’s Google’s version of Macbook Pros or iMacs etc ?
      Chrome books are garbage.
      (if you do work and have an Android phone you would need a Windows PC, that’s not a ‘complete eco system’ by a long shot)

      As for Android, 90+ % of sales are from third party providers, much of it cheap junk phones, so it’s a fragmented malware ridden mess. In ‘theory’ Google would be try something like AR/VR but the bulk of Android phones with their subpar specs would never be able to handle it properly like iPhones.

      Unlike Apple which creates the chips, the design, even specs the screens AND makes the SOFTWARE iPhones are way better as they are OPTIMIZED (hardware works in tandem with software. Apple can tweak it’s ‘A’ processors etc SPECIFICALLY for use). Most Android phones work on generic chips (a chunk of the chips functions are not utilized ) and use an OS ( the BRAIN!) from a third party Google. Google’s own phones are nearly completely contract built and for their price: junk. That’s why iPhones with ‘A’ chips run circles around Androids in real world performance.

      (because of the Malware danger, even from Google’s play store I would never ever use Android. Life is too short… )

      things like Youtube I don’t consider vital parts of Apple’s eco system.

      As for SEARCH you can’t make money off it UNLESS YOU INVADE PRIVACY which Apple refuses to do. If you don’t invade, your income is low like Duck Duck Go and services would be limited. If Apple came up with an inferior limited Search engine the criticism would never end.

      I can say more but it’s getting too long.

      I do agree that Apple needs more work on its Macs (typing this on an upgraded Cheese Grater Mac Pro), and I think it was shortsighted for them to cancel instead of improve its products like AirPorts (it’s not just the wifi, it’s about NETWORKING easily) etc.

      My MAIN complaint is the Apple HAS the resources , owing both Mac and iOS , and having both software and hardware experience, and the money, they could really completely make (or maintain) a kick ass complete eco system if they focused instead of spending so much time on Coffee table book, ceiling tiles for the Campus etc.

  2. I just don’t get this. I have the LG5k and LOVE it. The screen looks amazing. I don’t like the plastic looks but its generic enough that I’m fine with it and what I really care about are sharpness and color accuracy which I find to be VERY GOOD.

    1. Well you can buy a black plastic LG display at inflated Apple Store prices ($700 for the LG 4K display, or $1300 for the LG 5K display). Or you can buy equally capable Dell displays for about $250 less.

      What possible reason would prompt a sane person to buy non-class-leading 3rd party accessories at Apple premium prices????

      1. One more point: while Apple is missing in action on display offerings, other companies are preparing their large format 8K resolution monitors, such as the UP3218K. My guess is that anyone working in video and graphics was working in 4K two or three years ago and is now starting to adopt 8K. It is now predictable that Apple will be the last company to join the mainstream. Pipeline Timmy has a very long, small diameter mostly clogged pipe.

  3. If you have a MBP and need a big external monitor to make it your “main computer,” then go ahead and get one now and trade up to the new Apple monitors in 2019, if necessary. But don’t wait for next year if you want to make that move

    Heck, you could even buy a decent size 4K TV and make that your monitor for a while. Then you can use it as a stand alone TV later.

  4. Apple under pipeline has discontinued or altered pro software, routers and displays. Why not just make them better than anyone out there and EXPAND the Apple branded ecosystem? It worked in the past, hello. Certainly there are bundles of purchases to be made along with profit. If other companies can pull this off, what is Apple’s problem? Oh right, iPhone, iPhone, iPhone and throw in the pad and watch …

  5. Pipeline does not care about these things. That’s why it is taking 2+ years to re-invent the desktop pro computer. Apple used to be able to knock these things out easily. That ability has atrophied drastically under the leadership of Pipeline.

  6. The Apple Ecosystem, a very important reason to buy Apple products, is slowly dying with the support of Apple, or so it seems. To bad, as it is the one thing that really justifies paying the ‘Apple Tax’ when buying phones, tablets, modems, monitor and computers.

    It’s really hard to justify $2000 for a MacBook when a comparable Windows machine is under a $1000. Sorry, but that is the truth. Soon it will be hard to jusify $1000 for the newest wizz-bang iPhone when an Android phone that cona do 80% of the iPhone is available for $400. Apple… WAKE UP!!!

    No Ecosystem, No High Profits.

  7. I bought a December 2016 MacBook Pro Touch Bar. Two months out of my year warranty, the screen went blank and had to be replaced–a bill of $600. Coming on top of the failure of THREE of the full size Apple keyboards over the last three years (all not long out of warranty), this has really soured me. When a major component like a screen on a top of the range laptop fails, it should be “warranty be damned–we’re replacing it!” Apple today, no one cared. A friend is having his own Apple failures. It’s truly disappointing.

  8. Cook has destroyed the Mac ecosystem. He has made a hash of the Mac product lines, introduced unnecessary incompatibilties and glaring product limitations, and has gone out to lunch on critical infrastructure that supports the Mac: Airports, Displays, input devices, etc. Good and unique features like MagSafe have been unceremoneously dumped for no reason, while previously excellent keyboards have been redesigned into a pathetic excuse for a typing surface. Apple refuses to support excellent technologies and the latest products from other companies (NVIDIA GPUs, for example), while letting its obsolete products rot in the store without updates of any kind. Apple doesn’t make any new Mac accessories, it expects 3rd party makers to fill the massive gaps in user needs that Apple used to fill well.

    It is hard to imagine how any company could do a worse job managing a multibillion dollar business. It is no wonder that you hardly ever see Macs in any scientific, architectural, educational, or office businesses. Apple doesn’t even run its own operations exclusively on Macs. Why? Because fashionista Cook wants to sell overpriced thin fashion to coffee shop bloggers. That’s much more important than supporting people who used the Mac for years as part of their livlihoods.

    1. “Because fashionista Cook wants to sell overpriced thin fashion to coffee shop bloggers. That’s much more important than supporting people who used the Mac for years as part of their livlihoods.”

      Excellent …

    1. never used it, but in Europe you can get this 27 inch 5k display for 700€


      Also, cinema is going from 4k to 8k. I don’t think 5k is a standard that will stand the test of time. Personally I like the 8:5 ratio screen so one can work on media in popular 16:9 ratio while still having room for toolbars. For some reason Apple has decided that it sells consumer desktop computers only, so its pushing 16:9 ratio screens on iMacs and it doesn’t sell displays of any kind to go with its antique mini and trashcan. But it’s slim sealed laptops with shitty gpus and thermal constraints have 8:5 ratio screens. Go figure.

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