Apple’s iOS 12 beta: Is it already faster than iOS 11?

“If you’re used to running iOS 11 on an older iPhone or iPad then you’ll know just how sluggish the platform feels on devices like the iPhone 6. But Apple has promised that iOS 12 will feel faster,” Adrian Kingsley-Hughes writes for ZDNet. “Well, is it faster?”

“On the benchmarking front, testing with Geekbench does indeed show iOS 12 beta to be faster than the latest release of iOS 11, so that’s a good start. But benchmarking is a long way off real-world usage, so I’ve also been interested to see if iOS 12 beta feels faster in general use,” Kingsley-Hughes writes. “First off, app launch doesn’t feel any faster. In fact, I’d say that iOS 12 feels slower and laggier than iOS 11. Again, it’s early days to draw any firm conclusions, but right now I’m not feeling it. Maybe this will improve as iOS 12 goes through development, or maybe as apps are built to run iOS 12.”

“During the WWDC 2018 keynote, Apple software chief Craig Federighi highlighted two other areas where iOS 12 was designed to be faster — keyboard display would be up to 50 faster, and getting to the camera would be as much as 70 percent faster,” Kingsley-Hughes writes. “Interestingly, both of these do feel noticeably faster in iOS 12.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As the beta progresses over the summer, we expect to see iOS 12 begin to feel faster than iOS 11 in things like app launching and other general use areas.


  1. Honestly I wonder if it’s really faster or if Apple simply increased the animation speed for various actions.

    I remember getting a cydia tweak on a old jailbroken iPhone I had a several years ago and you could increase the animation speed on various stuff.

    It felt like I had a brand new cutting edge iPhone but it was really just a fast animation that made it look like that.

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