Apple Books app, all new for iPhone and iPad, celebrates reading

Apple Books, which Apple previewed at the Worldwide Developers Conference last week, is a new app that has been entirely redesigned to make discovering and enjoying books and audiobooks effortless for iPhone and iPad users. The Apple Books app will replace iBooks with the launch of iOS 12 this fall.

“Apple Books will inspire a love of reading — it puts a world of books and audiobooks right at your fingertips, whether you want to dive into your favorite story for a couple of minutes or a few hours,” said Eddy Cue, Apple’s senior vice president of Internet Software & Services, in a statement. “This is our biggest books redesign ever, and we hope this beautiful app inspires both customers and authors alike.”

The new Reading Now tab is home to the books you are currently reading or listening to, as well as a great place to find a new favorite. With Want to Read, you can conveniently keep a wishlist of books you hear about. Complete the Series or You Might Like present books based on those you have recently finished. All of these features make Reading Now the perfect virtual nightstand.

Apple Books gives iPhone and iPad users a beautiful and easy way to discover and enjoy books and audiobooks.
Apple Books gives iPhone and iPad users a beautiful and easy way to discover and enjoy books and audiobooks.

Apple Books will also feature a prominent, dedicated Audiobooks tab for the first time, so you can listen to books at home or on the go on iPhone and iPad or in the car with CarPlay.

The Book Store tab makes it easy to browse all that Apple Books has to offer, including Top Charts, Staff Picks, Editorial Collections, and Special Offers & Free. The new design lets you swipe between books, and makes discovering something you will love to read intuitive and fun. As you read more books from the Store, you will receive personalized recommendations based on your purchases in For You.

In the Library tab, you can peruse your full collection of books with large, easy-to-see cover art, including the books downloaded to your device and a Finished section showcasing the books you have read in the past and the date you finished them, displayed in a timeline.

The new Apple Books app launches this fall, with the Book Store available in 51 countries, and free books available in 155 countries.

Source: Apple Inc.

MacDailyNews Take: Book lovers, rejoice!


  1. What about the Mac, Apple? Huh? What about the Books app for the Mac? Has it been redesigned too, Apple? Has it been made usable for blind people, Apple? Can blind people now read books on your freaking laptops, Apple? Or will I still have to rely on Emacs with nov-mode for that? Freaking hypocrites, talking about accessibility, talking about how the Mac is their heart, but try using Voiceover with iBooks on the Mac for like, more than a few minutes reading a book. Ugh!


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