What’s new with machine learning in macOS Mojave

“While other companies focus on server-side machine learning, Apple is continuing to puts its focus on device-bound frameworks and techniques to train machine learning models. With its latest technologies, developers should see boosts in productivity and performance. And when it comes to Apple’s machine learning frameworks and tools for macOS Mojave, we’re really talking about two things,” Joseph Keller writes for iMore. “Let’s talk about what’s new with machine learning in macOS Mojave, specifically Core ML 2 and Create ML.”

“Machine learning model training is getting a big leg up from Metal and GPU-based training in Apple’s next big software updates,” Keller writes.

“Core ML 2 focuses on even faster performance over its predecessor, with the same easy integration of different machine learning models,” Keller writes. “Create ML, meanwhile, allows any developer to incorporate machine learning into their apps on both macOS and iOS, training models on the Macs they use every day.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As we wrote on Wednesday:

These are heady times. Anybody who says WWDC 2018 was “boring” has no idea what they’re talking about. Apple’s Create ML will spur widespread use of machine learning to do things we haven’t even thought of, yet!

Apple’s plans to bring artificial intelligence to your iPhone and iPad – June 6, 2018


  1. Want to do a huge jump forward in local machine learning? Implement direct support for Nvidia’s V100 chip.

    A properly designed Mac Pro with native support for all elements of a V100 would be a machine learning beast. If it directly supported two or more V100s it would be a true monster.

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