What are you most excited to see in macOS Mojave?

“As soon as Craig Federighi took the stage at WWDC 2018, I was on the edge of my seat,” Lory Gil writes for iMore.

“Last year, macOS got a half-step of an upgrade with High Sierra. There were plenty of great features, but much of it was under the hood instead of right in my face,” Gil writes. “With the demo of macOS Mojave at WWDC, it’s clear Apple is making up for lost time with some major visual changes that I’m excited about.”

Gil writes, “I’m pretty much excited about everything coming to Mojave, but these are the ones I’m most excited about.”

• Dark Mode
• Reimagined Mac App Store
• Screenshot tools
• Quick Actions in Finder
• Universal app framework (only Apple’s built-in apps in Mojave)

Dark Mode transforms the Mac desktop with a dramatic darkened color scheme where content pops and controls recede into the background.
Dark Mode transforms the Mac desktop with a dramatic darkened color scheme where content pops and controls recede into the background.

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MacDailyNews Take: Check out Apple’s macOS Mojave preview here:


What are you most excited for in macOS Mojave?

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  1. You know – the more I look at the dark dunes of the desktop picture for Mojave, the more symptomatic I find it to be for the direction Apple is taking the Mac.

    If they continue in the same direction, they can present the 10.15 version as completely black; a Mac turned off.

  2. After reading this thread I feel much better. I thought I was the only one that was THRILLED with Stacks and photo meta data. Love that some attention was FINALLY paid to Finder – you know the OSX tool that I use EVERYDAY.

  3. A Mail app that is fast and stable, and won’t change server settings on its own even when I’ve already told it not to.
    A stable Open Directory.
    A Calendar and Contacts app that won’t force me to put in a password again when Open Directory decides not to be stable.
    Spotlight searches that don’t randomly break.
    File shares that won’t f**k up permissions just for the fun of it.
    Apps that actually follow Apple Human Interface Guidelines and DO NOT QUIT WHEN I CLICK THE CLOSE BOX FOR A WINDOW. You know, like System Preferences.

    Oh, wait, they’re not doing any of that. Nothing they announced is terribly useful to me. Dark Mode is probably the most useless thing ever.

  4. All the cool Voiceover improvements and changes, like being able to use the Siri voice for regular TTS like in iOS, and an actually snappy OS like MDN coos about constantly… Oh, wait, that’s next year, right? Or the year after that… Or the year after that… When Apple stops simply doing a half-version and actually gives us awesome new stuff. Although, I’ll enjoy using News on the Mac. But Microsoft keeps leaping ahead in accessibility, while Apple has no new features or improvements for Voiceover users, Narrator runs up behind the slow lazy Voiceover. Soon, Narrator, once the laughing stock of screen readers, will be the one blind people love to use. Apple, wake up.


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