Seriously, where the heck is Apple’s AirPower charger?

“If you carry around more than one Apple product, you might be asking yourself when the heck the company’s first wireless charging pad, AirPower, will be available for purchase,” Jake Krol writes for Mashable.

“Well, at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) this week, we learned that even after nine months since it was announced, Airpower still doesn’t have a release date or price — in fact, it wasn’t even mentioned during the keynote presentation,” Krol writes. “The company’s first wireless charging pad was unveiled alongside the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X in September 2017 at a special press event.”

The new Apple-designed AirPower mat, coming in 2018, can charge iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods simultaneously.
The new Apple-designed AirPower mat, coming in 2018, can charge iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods simultaneously.

“But we are now halfway through the year, and the only sign of the charging pad is a small “Available in 2018″ on the company’s website. We figured we might learn a little more at WWDC this year, but turns out, we were wrong,” Krol writes. “So what happened?”

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MacDailyNews Take: It’s in the pipeline!


    1. I’m at the point to where I think they should split the Mac into another company or something. No reason for a Mac Pro, etc to take this long to get a new release!

  1. The flat design is not very useful. For the iPhone a angled stand is perfect for wireless charging. For the Apple Watch a stand is also better. I can see a flat pad works for the AirPods but many chargers are available for a lot less cash.
    I think this may be dead on arrival.

      1. Timmy is NOT the reason. You LIE. You can put any CEO in the world in the Apple driver’s seat to RIDE the iPhone gravy train. The only thing I give Tim credit for is showing up for work …

        1. Wrong. He helped create the infrastructure to get products out on time without compromising quality.
          We may bitch and moan about some products launching late but Apple’s ability to sell 80 million phones a quarter is phenomenal.

        2. I think it IS the reason Apple has made the most profits in its history. Steve Jobs (had he lived on) would not have made the same calculations that Tim Cook made.. we know that Steve’s idiosyncratic, oracle-like nature would have led him to more radical decisions like the hockey-puck mouse or the failed Cube. Steve tended to keelhaul the engineers who failed to deliver a fluid and intuitive user interface, or for using a “lame” font, but he’d support the engineers who performed atrocities like lobotomising Siri or delaying adoption of a modern file system for ten years. Steve was not perfect in his decisions, or in his treatment of people, but he was an inspired fanatic like da Vinci, Picasso or Edison. Tim Cook is none of that—he is a plodding bean counter, but he is the reason that Apple has made the most profits in its history. Sadly, for artists like you or me, that means an Apple, Inc. that today falls short of greatness. An arbitrary CEO would not change that sad reality — would only bungle the company’s profitability whilst throwing the splendid vision out the window.

          I think it’s moral and proper to give credit where it is due, no more and no less.

          1. OK, I give him credit for profit only. But I stand by my statement that many replacements can do the same. What is sorely missing at Apple now is a visionary leader that comes up with the next great thing. I could be wrong, but time will tell …

            1. So the next great thing wasn’t the apple watch which is now selling 20million units+ a year? Oh it wasn’t big because people were already making smart watches and when the iPhone came out it was a completely new category. SMH

              As for innovation the biggest challenge apple faces is the volume in which it needs to produce. That was the issue with the switch to oled on the iphone… when you need 120m min screens a year you have to wait for the technology to catch up. They capture 80% of phone sized screens produced in OLED and securing that quantity is a bigger task than incorporating it. That is where Timmy is the EXPERT. You can hate on him all you want but no company in the world faces the logistical challenges apple has to face because no manufacturer in the world makes high end products anywhere near the quantity apple does.

              that all being said i agree mac pro is late, so is the airpower, and a baseline macbook refresh but again changing the technologies in these units at the volumes apple needs is more of a “how do we source the components” issue than “can we innovate.” Its the reason apple has started producing much of their own tech in house (power mgmt, A11 chip, S1, S2, graphics controller, etc) because they see the long game and what they need to do in order to continue to innovate. Long game being the key word because getting all these development divisions rolling takes a good long time.

            2. Thought I read the watch was started under Jobs as one of his ideas, but not certain. But if it’s ALL Cook, I give him DUE credit.

              You have made convincing arguments where Cook is aptly managing the magnitude of the components supply chain.

              But no one has made a convincing argument why three Christmas shopping seasons iMacs, AirPods and HomePods were not available in time for shoppers to purchase. And NO CAN DEFEND the biggest Apple f*ckup of ALL TIME — NO MacPros in over five years!?!

            3. @jkl
              If the NEXT great thing is not the same old thing from 2009, they’re not interested.
              “Apple needs to innovate by doing the same thing! That’s the only thing that will save the company that’s pulling in more than any other company in the world!”

            4. You don’t listen so most likely will do the SAME here. We don’t want the same old thing from 2009. We want the latest and greatest biggest baddest personal computer of ALL TIME!!! Does a scintilla of what I just said penetrate that Pro HATING thick skull of yours, hmmm???

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