Apple opens new outpost in Santa Clara, leases four-decade-old industrial building

“Apple has planted a new outpost in Santa Clara, leasing a four-decade-old industrial building where the tech titan has launched a wide-ranging renovation, public records show,” George Avalos reports for The Mercury News.

“Cupertino-based Apple leased a 62,000-square-foot building near the corner of Bowers and Walsh avenues in Santa Clara, according to an official filing by the property owner with the Santa Clara County Recorder’s Office,” Avalos reports.

“In the most recent lease in Santa Clara of the building at 2845 Bowers and 2855 Bowers, it wasn’t clear when Apple might be moving in,” Avalos reports. “But a check in the building this month showed that extensive construction was underway inside the offices.”

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MacDailyNews Note: Apple’s growth continues unabated.


  1. Lots of extra headcount, but still cannot update the Mac mini or Mac Pro Workstation. Gave up on wireless networking.

    Exactly how many people in Cupertino does it take to change a light bulb?

    1. Same old DavGreg, same old gripes repeated ad nauseam. Seriously, do you have to conflate every action taken by Apple with the Mac mini and Mac Pro?

      Everyone knows that updates are long overdue. I truly doubt that halting renovations on this building will help to accelerate the release of the new Mac Pro.

      But, hey, way to be first!

      1. You have missed the point.

        Beyond the Mac, the fact that that they have all this headcount and cannot execute simple things like keep Airport current, keep the Mc line current, etc. makes one wonder what all these people are doing that is productive.

        In any business large or small, every employee has to be accounted for. If a position is not productive, that person should be reassigned or let go. Apple has a massive work force many times the size of the Apple of just a few years ago and the question is what do they have to show for it.

        If GM expanded the workforce significantly and did not have additional sales volume or margin to show for it, the board would hand you your walking papers.

        H-P employs less than half the employees that Apple has and ships a huge array of products. Apple makes a handful of Mac Laptops and Desktops, the iPad line and the iPhone. They do not offer a large amount of software. Headcount has doubled under Tim Cook and nobody can tell you what any of them do.

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