Apple’s Craig Federighi: We’ll address APFS support for Fusion Drives ‘very soon’

“Apple is planning to share news on APFS support for Fusion Drives ‘very soon,’ Apple software engineering chief Craig Federighi told MacRumors reader Jonathan in an email [Tuesday] afternoon,” Juli Clover reports for MacRumors.

“With the launch of macOS High Sierra, Apple introduced a new Apple File System for Macs that have all-flash built-in storage,” Clover reports. “At the time macOS High Sierra was introduced, Apple said that the initial release of the software would not allow Fusion Drives to be converted to APFS, but confirmed APFS support would be coming at a later date.”

Clover reports, “Since then, iMac and Mac mini owners who have Fusion Drives have been eagerly waiting for Apple to implement support for the feature, but in update after update, no APFS support for Fusion Drives has materialized.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: It’s in Apple’s jam-packed pipeline.

So, coming in macOS 10.14 this fall?


      1. You would think.. given the negative narrative out there, they would know better than to give responses like that.

        To me, in a way, it reaffirms that they are kind of out of touch… or that things are kind of out of control .

        “Very Soon”…… My Arss ( umm 🤔🤔.. where did i hear that before )

  1. Not my comment, just repeating it here.

    APFS, AirPlay 2, HomePod stereo, iMessages in iCloud, etc. Apple needs to find a way to either better utilize their engineering talent or bring on more talent quickly. Otherwise this WWDC is just going to be announcements of features announced last year and maybe released this year.

  2. ..when i bought my iMac Fusion drive was the latest and greatest only to become neglected later

    I have not yet upgraded to latest OSX because of this issue.

    So sloppy of Apple…

  3. I’m more interested in when Time Machine will support APFS, or whether Apple is going to abandonware Time Machine as they often do with their great products.

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