Apple takes different tack than Amazon, secretly searches for new east coast campus

“The world’s two most valuable technology companies — Apple Inc. and Inc. — are shopping for cities in which to build new corporate campuses,” Tripp Mickle and Valerie Bauerlein report for The Wall Street Journal. “But with one of them, you would hardly know it.”

“Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook this month met secretly with North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper to discuss possibly putting a major new customer-service facility in the Raleigh-Durham area, according to a person familiar with the meeting,” Mickle and Bauerlein report. “The undisclosed meeting was tucked into a very public agenda that included delivering Duke University’s commencement address, tweeting from Duke’s basketball stadium and taking selfies with shoppers at an Apple Store.”

“The secrecy of Apple’s effort contrasts starkly with Amazon’s approach. While Amazon’s effort to find a second headquarters city has proceeded with the fanfare of an Olympics host-city search, Apple is hunting for its newest U.S. location with the stealthy deliberateness it employs in developing a new iPhone,” Mickle and Bauerlein report. “Apple’s approach has advantages, says Jay Biggins, executive managing director at Biggins Lacy Shapiro & Co., a corporate location strategy firm. By limiting publicity, companies can exert more control over the process, avoid being overrun with outreach from cities and focus negotiations to get more of what they want, he says.”

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MacDailyNews Take: For better or worse, there’s not a lot of Think Different™ in Apple’s conventional location search.

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