Five reasons to choose Apple Maps over Google Maps

“Has there ever been an app that has caused so much of an uproar in the Apple community as Apple Maps? It was released in the fall of 2012 with iOS 6, and it was not received well to say the least,” Bradley Chambers writes for 9to5Mac. “It was so poorly received that Tim Cook even wrote a letter apologizing for the poor launch of Apple Maps which contributed o the firing of Scott Forstall:”

“Now that we are almost six years into Apple Maps, I am of the opinion that Apple was right, certainly in a post Facebook privacy scandal world, to replace Google Maps with their in-house mapping product,” Chambers writes. “In fact, Google Maps isn’t on my iPhone, and here are five reasons I prefer Apple Maps over Google Maps.”

1. Privacy
2. Siri Integration
3. Apple Watch
4. Yelp Integration
5. Good Enough Maps Data: Apple Maps hasn’t given me incorrect information in years.

Each of the five points explained full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple Watch integration alone is reason enough to use Apple Maps for turn-by-turn navigation!


  1. Apple Maps simply isn’t as reliable as Google Maps. Often times can’t find addresses, and continues to occasionally send me to the incorrect place. Every couple of months I try again, wanting it to work, but then it fails,so I roll back. This last week it couldn’t find a prominent hotel when I searched for it… google immediately knew. I’m honestly surprised the issues continue to persist.

  2. It’s been years since the introduction of Apple Maps and yet many countries are left out of the navigation feature. Which I think its BULLSHIT!
    Thank God for Waze.

  3. I agree with most commenters here. Apple Maps has a piss poor interface. The text is always way too small (and yes I adjusted it the largest size). I live in a part of the U.S. that is rural and Apple Maps likes to send me down dirt roads instead of paved roads to save time. Not good! It simply lacks the intelligence and the polish that Google Maps has.

    The difference is really striking when you get down to how these two competitors came about. Apple was late to the game and saw it as an add-on service. Google made their efforts a part of their strategic plan (for better or worse) to see Maps as aggregated data. Yet another means of mapping the world’s data and individuals’ movement within data points. Apple saw Maps as simply another App. and continues to see it as such.

  4. I don’t understand why any of you are wasting your time with either Apple or Google maps when Waze is SO VASTLY superior?

    Both Apple & Google maps lack crowd sourcing: Waze tells me if there’s an accident up ahead and then reroutes me around it. It warns me if there’s a speed trap (which has saved me numerous tickets!), road obstruction or a police car up ahead. Neither Apple Maps nor Google Maps can hold a candle to Waze (plus, I like how Waze distinguishes between the route I’ve already traversed versus what is left to go).

    1. You are aware that Waze is owned by Google right? And part of its data store is synced with Google Maps’ data store. Think of Waze as the more user-accesible map data crowd sourcing interface for Google Maps.

  5. Just drove in form an out of town trip and tried Apple Maps/Navigation and it is still a dumpster fire.

    1- Select ETA only (no routing) and it still tries to force you to a route instead of following your route and updating the time as it should.
    2- It’s ability to redirect you around ongoing road improvements is still not consistent or accurate.
    3- Road data is still not up to date. I drove over a US highway bridge that has been open to traffic for almost 2 years, and it still tries to route drivers over the old bridge which has been closed to drivers for the same 2 years-I have personally sent feedback to Apple and they have yet to get it right.
    4- The suggestions it makes for timely routing are neither the fastest or most convenient more than a little bit of the time.
    5- If you look up something on your desktop in Maps and then get in your car, it will be on the hit list of destinations. I was looking at street maps of Europe and those addresses were among the list for destinations. I doubt I will be driving from the United States to Germany in my lifetime.
    6- Siri is still as dumb as dirt. Our local YMCA has multiple locations and they are known to Siri not as YMCA’s, but as named YMCAs. So if you ask “YMCAs near me”, you will not get a local list of all the local Ys, you will get only some (based upon naming) and other that are hours away.

    Google Maps has none of these problems and Scott has been gone from Apple for quite a while now.

  6. I like Apple Maps being able to find my car in a parking lot when you turn the car off and the phone disconnects from Bluetooth. Have used it many times at the mall and theme parks to find my car. Other than that I use Google Maps and Waze almost equally for other trips. Always like checking which route is the fastest and if I should bother paying money for toll roads or take the Interstate to get to my destination.

    1. Don’t recall if it is a function of Google Maps but I believe any Android phone with location services active will also create a notification of where you parked your car. Even more convenient (or scary) is if the parking structure has registered its internal ‘floor’ plan and has some Wifi connectivity it will narrow down your car’s location to the specific floor and within a few feet.

  7. Data? It depends on where you live. For me? It’s Apple maps.
    Privacy? That one is so obvious, I don’t even need to answer that question.

  8. For serious navigation I use TomTom Go on the iPhone.

    Although Apple supposedly gets most of the navigation data from TomTom, it does not always add up when you compare routing between the two.

    TomTom also has a lot of options for routing choice like bicycle, walk, fastest, shortest, avoid dirt roads etc. Options that also Apple Maps could benefit from.

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