Cartoonist makes digital art with iPad and Apple Pencil

“There’s a ton of tools for digital art on the market — tablets, styluses, drawing apps — but it can be hard to make sense of it all if you’re just starting to explore all the options available,” Dami Lee reports for The Verge.

“When I first started drawing comics for my college newspaper, I had no idea what I was doing,” Lee reports. “I drew with a ballpoint pen and scanned it, and it looked truly awful. Then I got a Wacom tablet, and my art was still awful, but there was room for growth!”

“I resisted getting an iPad Pro for a while because I couldn’t get used to the feeling of drawing on glass, or find any drawing apps I liked,” Lee reports. “Then, last year, Clip Studio Paint released an iOS version that was nearly identical to their desktop version, and combined with artist Ray Frenden’s review of the iOS app, I was sold.”

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MacDailyNews Take: iPad Pro with Apple Pencil is far and away the best digital pen-based system.

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  1. All good…
    But note how she mentioned ios file sys as a problem….. And complemented surface in that area plus its (ability) to run full fledged apps.
    iOS file sys and user cntrol is not a well tought out and imo its shortsighted….. designed to push users into the cloud rather than connivance and control. ( biggest culprit on ipad for me, lack of file control and i/o )
    And Apple pencil , no short cut buttons.. (or even a clip ) with most stupid charging solution.. .. to me its a half baked design .

    At the end .. i dont see this as a positive clip for ipad.

  2. For me, it’s not sufficiently suitable for fine art; drawing and cartoons yes but I don’t do them. Will have to poll my artist friends to get their take.

  3. This ‘news’?

    See ‘Joy of Tech’, in your left margin..

    How many years has Nitrozac been drawing on a tablet now..? Is it ten? Twelve..? ..Fifteen..?

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