Would an Apple–Goldman Sachs ‘Apple Pay’ credit card be a good deal or just good branding?

“Apple and Goldman Sachs want a piece of your wallet,” Maria LaMagna writes for MarketWatch. “The technology company and bank are teaming up to create a joint credit card, according to The Wall Street Journal. The companies are still deciding what the terms and benefits of the cards will be, the Journal reported.”

“Apple already offers a credit card with the company Barclaycard, that consumers can use to get ‘special financing’ on Apple products, such as no interest paid within a promotional period. This new card could work similarly, giving consumers more ways to pay for Apple products, said Brian Karimzad, vice president of research at CompareCards.com,” LaMagna writes. “But would this card be a good choice for consumers?”

“Special financing can be helpful to consumers who do pay off their full purchase by the end of the promotional period, Karimzad said. If, however, Goldman and Apple did not use the deferred interest model, Karimzad said, ‘that would be a real win for consumers,'” LaMagna writes. “Another possibility: Apple could offer additional rewards for consumers who make purchases when they link the card to Apple Pay, encouraging them to use it, Schulz said. Mobile payments have been slow to take off in the U.S., although they are growing.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As we wrote back in August 2015:

Apple, give us a reason to use Apple Pay beyond looking like tech dorks in front of the line at the register. What’s the incentive to use Apple Pay? There is none besides looking like a flaming nerd. As if Apple doesn’t have any money. That, inexplicably, is how they approach Apple Pay. Hello, Tim? Eddy? Talk to some people who actually go to stores and shop for things, please.

Incentivize its use! Give Apple Pay users a percentage of every dollar spent via Apple Pay to spend at Apple Stores. Something. Anything! Get people used to using it first. Sheesh. It’s really not that difficult. It really isn’t.

Apple teams with Goldman Sachs on new ‘Apple Pay’ credit card due early next year – May 10, 2018


  1. Apple Pay is so easy to not only use, but also easy to set up. Way easier than trying to buy things online, which has been going on for years long before Apple Pay ever came along. If the masses can understand how to do that, what’s the problem with setting up and using Apple Pay?

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