Apple’s ‘personal assistant activation’ patent application hints at improved Siri

“Apple has applied for a patent (number 20180130470) for ‘virtual assistant activation’ that shows efforts to improve Siri,” Dennis Sellers writes for Apple World Today.

“The company’s ‘personal digital assistant’ has been criticized for not measuring up to some of its competitors, such as Alexa,” Sellers writes. “Apple obviously wants to change this.”

Sellers writes, “Apple’s patent filing involves spoken Siri commands that could result in not only spoken results, but haptic feedback, events that last for a pre-determined time, and more.”

Read more, and see Apple’s patent application illustration, in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Anything that improves Siri is a welcome development.

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    1. Prattling Prater too chicken to remind us all he’s a JAWS certified, kingly, one eyed man who can see what the rest of us blind morons cannot.

      Sad sad sad. Prattle on Prater. After all, Praters gonna prate.

  1. The main thing I want is a phone that recognises “Hey Siri” first time every time. So often I have to say it louder, slower, get nearer to the phone, etc to the point where it lessens my usage because I just can’t be bothered as it’s quicker to check myself. I don’t mind a more limited set of functions, a lot of the Alexa stuff is gimicky. I just want it to work quickly all the time and be genuinely useful when it does.

  2. My sense, after Dag Kittlaus (co-creator of Siri) quit Apple was that Apple lost the ability or interest in further evolving Siri. We know that in fact Apple hobbled Siri compared to how it worked before Apple bought it.

    Just lately, I’m discovering proof that Apple is making an effort, at long bloody last, to mature Siri into something that can compete with the evolved versions of Amazon Echo and Google Home personal assistants.

    (And no, none of this stuff qualifies as actual Artificial Intelligence. We’re still a very long way from that ambition. They’re merely advanced Expert Systems with improved voice recognition and text-to-voice. Sorry Dr. Kurzweil, again, again…. Some personal assistants are more advanced than others.)

    1. Cook convened a committee to decide what to do. Whooptie doo. You would think a company that is having difficulty hiding all its money would have no problem hiring a dedicated staff to properly manage ALL of its products. Apple has admitted that it doesn’t however. Cook never got a clue about Airport. The limp wristed management team is just now getting a clue what is wrong with the trashcan. Meanwhile Ive is polishing his watch collection and Angela is taking all the Macs off showroom floors to make more room for red iphones. Classrooms for user education? Long gone. Kids all use chromebooks in school. Man what a waste. But as long as the chinese are buying facial recognition phones so The Party can yrack them easier, well then everybody is happy. Not.

      1. “Limp wristed.” Off on a bigotry tangent.

        Otherwise, thank you for your insights. Apple management has lost quite a lot of insight, technology savvy, competence and comprehension of ‘The Apple Way.’

        Let’s reanimate Steve Jobs.

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