Apple’s MacBook Pro keyboards said to be failing twice as frequently as older design

“Apple launched its new butterfly key-switch keyboard with the MacBook, with some usability complaints starting nearly immediately, but it wasn’t until its adoption in the MacBook Pro in 2016 that reliability concerns started popping up,” Mike Wuerthele reports for AppleInsider.

“Following anecdotal reports of a keyboard more prone to failure than in previous years, AppleInsider has collected service data for the first year of release of the 2014, 2015, and 2016 MacBook Pros, with an additional slightly shorter data set for the 2017 model year given that it hasn’t been available for a year yet,” Wuerthele reports. “Not including any Touch Bar failures, the 2016 MacBook Pro keyboard is failing twice as often in the first year of use as the 2014 or 2015 MacBook Pro models, and the 2017 is better, but not by a lot.”

“The increase in number of keyboard events in a decreasing population of first-year service demands is notable. While first-year service calls have gone down with the introduction of the new models, at the same time the incidence of keyboard repairs has gone up, notably,” Wuerthele reports. “Apple has a second-generation MacBook Pro keyboard. It is in the 2017 MacBook Pro, and repaired 2016 models. The repair percentages on those are up from the 2014 and 2015 keyboards as well, but not nearly as much as the 2016.”

“The keyboard isn’t replaceable by itself. Break one key switch, and you need to replace the whole assembly, consisting of the keyboard, the battery, and the upper case metal surrounding the keyboard and Thunderbolt 3 ports,” Wuerthele reports. “We’ve seen out-of-warranty pricing with labor and parts exceeding $700 for the job, and it isn’t an easy repair, necessitating a complete disassembly of the machine.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Yeah, but it’s thinner! You can never be too thin, according to Apple’s industrial design team – even when it negatively impacts usability (bending iPhones, failure-prone keyboards, poor battery life, bulging camera assembly kludges, etc.)

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  1. A lot of complaints these days, I’ve read MDN for over 10 years I believe and never seen this much dissent. It’s not like the Iphone x is the savior either, we may see terrible numbers, I’ve used mine, and although it’s pretty cool, the lack of the home button and face ID is really not that great, it fails all the time and i have to punch in the numbers far more than if i had to just touch the home key, which did not rely on seeing my face. Room for improvement for sure, and the idea that its smaller than the 8? WTF? What a turn off, so i got my planned obsolescence Iphone x anyway, I do like it, but not perfect, Yeah no ports on a laptop. Fire the guy who greenlighted that.

  2. My early 2011 MacBook Pro is still going strong, and I’ve used the hell out of this thing. I love the keyboard on this thing, but the one with my mid 2017 iMac really sucks. I’m not crazy about the mouse either.

    1. Apple has never made a decent mouse, the current one is an abomination. But keyboards, they’ve made positively BRILLIANT keyboards. The Apple Extended Keyboard was a work of art, I loved that thing.

  3. Yep, something’s wrong in Cupertino, a city I otherwise love. Other than what Apple has been doing, or NOT doing, in recent years – Cook? I’ve spent a heap of lucres since 1986 on Apple everythings. Hard for me to think of something Apple I haven’t bought, and these recent messes Apple has made might be the worst I have seen. Heck, I can’t even draw a decent stick man and I think I could make a Mac Pro, Mac mini, good MacBooks, out of a bunch of good parts. MacBooks have been thin enough a while now! Whew…

  4. Gonna buy me another maxed out MBA before they ruin that model with a ‘new’ thinner model w/o the ports I need when traveling and the keyboard I enjoy using.

    After my next MBA, probably do something LINEX ish.

    Will APPL feel the effects when former ‘brand advocates’ leave? APPL was unique in that many fans such as myself were unpaid salesmen for decades…
    APPL seems to think it’s large enough not to have to care, perhaps they are correct, we’ll see.

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