Requiem for the AirPort base station: A testament to everything Apple was and isn’t anymore

“Somewhere in my basement I have an original graphite AirPort Base Station,” Michael Simon writes for Macworld. “It’s one of the few non-working Apple products I couldn’t bring myself to recycle, and the reason is two-fold. One, it’s one of the Apple’s best designs. In an age where routers were ugly boxes with giant antennas, Apple’s curved base station really did look like a UFO. Even after it stopped working, I kept it on my shelf for years.”

MacDailyNews Take: Ditto.

“The other reason is its history,” Simon writes. “Even more than the iPhone, iMac, iPad, and iPod, the AirPort Base Station is, to me, the greatest example of Steve Jobs’ genius.”

“The impact the original AirPort had on the industry was immediate and massive, at least as great as the iBook itself,” Simon writes. “And now it’s dead. And we’ll probably never see another product like it from Apple ever again.”

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MacDailyNews Take: R.I.P, AirPort.

We were at that Macworld NY keynote address in 1999 in the Javits Center and, boy, was it electric!

Watch for Phil Schiller jumping with an iBook from a pretty decent height around the 1:10:00 mark:

Interns: TTK!

TGIF! Prost, everyone! 🍻

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “Doug” for the heads up.]


  1. Just like the iPod isn’t really gone, it’s in the iPhone. Apple’s AirPort base station isn’t really gone, it’s in my Apple AirPort Time Capsule.

  2. Apple is slowly morphing into a Microsoft like company. Too big, underpowered, messy and unintuitive software, and seems to think it knows best what is good for the customer. Been an Apple user since the 1980s but increasingly angry with an incompetent Apple. Thinking of my Apple Stock too. In the mean time Tim Cook is using Apple for his virtue-signaling politics. Just walk into an Apple Store and look at the photographs hung on the walls. I am an immigrant myself, but the condescending virtue-signaling of the likes of rich liberals like Tim Cook is nauseating.

  3. This is my end. I dont need updates or replacements ill stop now and keep it useful. I have been with Apple since the //c. I have had enough. Ill use my mac and stop os updates. They lost me. No more $$$ to cook the deaf

  4. I now use a 2 piece Orbi setup (which is actually “hub and spoke” vs mesh with a dedicated backchannel connecting the devices). More router features than on the autopilot-like Eero. Great speed and reliability. IOS app is fine. Web interface is solid. Can’t complain. But I miss all my airports…

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