Apple TV saw 709 percent growth in viewing hours over last year – report

“Conviva, a video AI platform with visibility into the streaming market through clients like HBO, Turner, Hulu, CBS, NBC, ESPN, BT and Sky, is reporting today 114 percent year-over-year growth in streaming video hours in Q1 2018, to reach nearly 5 billion hours of video viewing,” Sarah Perez reports for TechCrunch. “Even though streaming is growing worldwide, North America saw the largest growth in viewing hours, with a 174 percent increase quarter-over-quarter. Other platforms seeing notable increases included Apple TV and Android, the report found.”

“Apple TV saw 709 percent growth in viewing hours over last year, while viewing hours on Roku grew by 87 percent,” Perez reports. “Keep in mind that growth is not the same as popularity — that is, it’s not about how many total hours are being viewing on those platforms. Roku is still far in the lead on that metric, with more than a billion hours streamed versus Apple TV’s 256 million.”

Apple TV 4K and its Siri Remote
Apple TV 4K and its Siri Remote

“Another interesting finding for the quarter was the growth in streaming on Android devices,” Perez reports. “On Android, device plays were up 168 percent quarter-over-quarter, versus iOS’s 138 percent increase.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Obviously, Apple TV’s price precludes it from racking up unit share and, therefore, plays and viewing hours vs. far cheaper streaming sticks. Still Apple TV’s impressive growth is encouraging. Obviously 4K was a catalyst.

Conviva’s numbers:
Apple TV saw 709 percent growth in viewing hours over last year - report

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  1. MDN is probably correct that 4K spurred a round of upgraders. Nevertheless, a small increase to a small number = large percentage change. ATV is still the laggard of the biz.

    Roku is still by far the better/more capable video streaming platform (if your budget and ISP supports streaming). There is literally nothing ATV does better or cheaper.
    Ultra Blu Ray is still by far the best video quality available for consumers who want the finest home theatre experience.
    Costwise, DVD rental (or library borrowing) is the cheapest for casual watchers, or perhaps Netflix or cable services for extreme couch potatoes.
    Apple’s one-size-fits all solution is nowhere near the lead by any measure.

    1. I have a ATV4K and a Roku 4K – the ATV is far better for picture quality. The Roku suffers from buffering and connection issues, and is much slower than the ATV4K.
      If you read through the Audio/Visual forums, you will see owners of high end TVs (those with 4K and Dolby Vision), are jumping ship to the ATV4K from other devices. Even owners of the Nvidia Shield are praising the ATV.
      The only “tech” advantage the Roku has, it can stream Dolby Atmos, but even then it’s still compressed audio compared to a disc.
      All streaming boxes have their pros and cons, but Apple’s is actually very close to being a complete one-stop device.

      Oh, and quality wise – there is a YouTube video of a highly respected AV Tech comparing the ATV4K to a 4K Dolby Vision disc. He is quite surprised how favorably the ATV compares to the disc, saying there are only slight differences and you have to be up close to the TV to see the disc having slightly better detail.

  2. Practically every streaming stick or streaming box on the planet is less expensive than an AppleTV so it stands to reason Apple’s streaming market share percentage in terms of units sold lags far behind Amazon and Roku. I’ve been using both Amazon and Roku units for years and have no reason to switch away to any other streaming devices. Currently, I’m using Roku 3s and Amazon FireTV 2nd and 3rd Gen and they’re more than adequate for my viewing needs in 1080P.

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