Apple’s iPhone SE 2 could feature wireless charging

“Apple’s next budget iPhone, the rumored iPhone SE 2, could be like the iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus in one way: wireless charging,” Gordon Gottsegen writes for CNET.

“According to the latest rumor, the iPhone SE 2 will adopt a glass backing that will let it top up the battery through a wireless charging pad, similar to the 2017 crop of iPhones,” Gottsegen writes. “Mobile leaker and renderer Ben Geskin tweeted the tidbit, which CNET hasn’t independently confirmed. ”

Gottsegen writes, “On top of wireless charging, Geskin also claims that the iPhone SE 2 (codenamed ‘Jaguar’) has already entered mass production and may be hitting stores soon.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We can’t wait to see what hardware, specs and feature includes – and doesn’t (3.5mm headphone jack) — in their new entry-level iPhone!

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  1. My wife and I have an SE2 each and will be looking eagerly at the new version.

    The smaller form factor is perfect for us because we each have an iPad nearby for when we need a larger screen. The compact size of the iPhone is perfect for keeping with us at all times and it doesn’t get in the way. My wife often pops her iPhone SE into her cleavage if she’s wearing clothes without pockets and not carrying a bag. That wouldn’t be possible with a large format iPhone.

    If they were to bring up the SE camera to a similar spec as it’s larger siblings, we wouldn’t even consider any other model. I’d be very happy to pay extra for an iPhone SE with a higher spec, so long as the size remained similar.

    While having a faster processor is always welcome, it’s worth remembering that with it’s smaller screen, it needs less horsepower moving fewer pixels around compared to larger iPhones. I don’t think I’ve ever felt that my existing SE is slow, while i’ve certainly felt that with other iPhones which I’ve owned for a reasonable time.

  2. There is no such thing as wireless charging. You can make the charger more expensive, less efficient, and awkward for travel but you cannot remove the wire.

    Apple should save the money and skip the inductive charging coil. Put in a bigger battery instead.

    1. No. Then it is wireless charging. You do not have to plug in your iPhone to charge it. Sure, it is only jumping a gap of mm, but it is wireless. Time to park your attitude somewhere else.

  3. After the print designed in California, I hope the SE2 iPhone dont say “assembled in India” . That would put me off. Agree, the wireless charging would be a great addition

    1. I really don’t get your point, Snoop. Do you have something against India or its citizens? Do you believe that the quality would be lower that a product from China? Or are you just a bigot?

      Forget it…I really don’t care.

  4. It’s not really wireless charging, it’s charging without plugging it in, but that actually means that in order to keep charging the device is then tethered to the spot where the pad is. More often than not I still plug mine in as I have a long cable and don’t find plugging it in an inconvenience.

    1. You can pick up your phone and walk away without disconnecting a cable. Sure, it won’t be charging anymore, but you don’t have to remove a cable.

      This “it isn’t wireless” meme is ridiculous. The charging unit is always going to be plugged in. How large does the charging gap between the iPhone and the charging unit have to be before it qualifies as “wireless” under your definition? A meter? 5 meters? 10 meters?

      The fact is, wireless charging is highly inefficient, even if you can project the power in the form of a tight beam than tracks the item to be charged. The conversion losses at both end of that link are high. Optical power transmission has the potential for higher efficiency, but there is a lot of technology development to go before it makes sense. For one thing, lasers are inefficient in terms of wall plug efficiency.

      The real solution, folks, is improved batteries with increased energy density and faster charging speeds. If your phone would last a week and you could charge it in a few minutes, then you would not hear all of this fuss and whining about wireless charging.

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