Apple targets Android switchers with two new iPhone ads

“The two ads continue Apple’s recent ‘Switch to iPhone’ campaign, which specifically urges non-iOS users to defect to Apple from the competition ,” Stephen Silver reports for AppleInsider.

“The first 15-second ad, titled ‘Portraits,’ features a pair of portraits on a wall, marked ‘your phone’ and ‘iPhone,’ each with a young woman featured,” Silver reports. “Upon noticing the ‘iPhone’ woman’s use of the Portrait Lighting feature, the woman in the ‘your phone’ photo moves into the ‘iPhone’ portrait, as the phrase ‘amazing portraits'” appears on screen.”

Silver reports, “The second ad features a similar split-screen setup, with ‘Your Store’ and ‘App Store’ on each side.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Good ads and well-targeted since, anecdotally, one of the features that Android settlers we’ve met lust over the most is Portrait mode. It’s been a lust-worthy feature for the poor souls since we updated to iOS 10.1 on our iPhone 7 Plus units over a year and a half ago!


  1. I like them

    reminds me a bit of Mac/PC guy, easy to understand, humour. (but probably less offensive to switchers than Mac PC guy)

    Ads that actually tell some facts about the superiority of the iOS system rather than just “Apple lifestyle, feel good” .

    1. I’m not sure why I’d want jailbreak, but Access to FIlesystem is certainly a must. I once had an idiotic situation where I could easily transfer HD footage from a Sony camcorder to a Mac, but my iPhone footage was impossible to transfer due to versions of iTunes. You’d think APPLE would care about Mac compatibility!

  2. Both great! Fifteen seconds. Point made. Laugh generated. Name embedded. What’s not to like? Some people just like those 90 second Pharma ads that tell you how you’ll die if you take the med, but thankfully you can’t remember the name of the stuff. Total waste of money.

  3. Just another nod towards where their focus is. There may be a LOT of people with smartphones, but the vast majority have Android. Once Android has taught them, cheaply, what a “smartphone” is all about, many will end up buying an iPhone at their next opportunity. We may be near peak smartphone, but with millions and millions of Android devices sold every day, we’re nowhere near peak iPhone 😉

    1. You must sell millions of cheap droidfones when your margins are very low in order to make any money. Fact is Apple iPhone is the leader with vastly more developers in App Store making the most money of any copycat CrappStore in that Apple is the one to copy ( which Android did ) as it has much higher loyalty & customer satisfaction ratings in reliability & ecosystem.

    2. In your world McDs sells the most cheap hamburgers in the world so they must be the best hamburgers…
      It’s about quality not quantity & Apple is a high quality company with strong products & services that people spend a lot of money attempting to copy them. Android does not have a solid loyal base or ecosystem plus a fractured OS base with too many versions on too many devices that cannot use all of inferior non curated App Store apps which leads to unstable hacked system.

  4. What would it take for the vast number of consumers.
    1. Does it do the Facebook?
    2. Can I emoji with my kids?
    3. Does it take pictures?
    and finally,
    4. Will my text message bubble show up blue? 🙂

  5. Excellent adverts. Apple have been running some pretty good stylish but uncomplicated adverts recently. Very much in line with many of their previous campaigns.

    These adverts are short and to the point. The underlying message being that Android copies don’t work like the real thing does. As a result, I would expect them to attract the usual hostile comments from Android fanboys.

    It’s another series where it would be easy for comedy shows to imitate the style, probably in a way that doesn’t flatter Apple, but that doesn’t matter because it’s re-enforcing the brand name and providing free publicity for Apple.

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