Americans place Apple distant third behind Amazon and Google in ‘positive impact on society’ survey

“Some 20 percent of Americans believe Amazon is having the most positive impact on society out of any other major tech company, according to a joint SurveyMonkey/Recode poll,” Rani Molla reports for Recode.

“Amazon [20%] was followed by Google [15%], Apple [11%] and then Facebook [10%],” Molla reports. “”Note that in another survey conducted by former Facebook pollster Tavis McGinn, we learned that 32 percent of Americans believe Facebook is having a negative impact on society.”

“Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos was believed to have the greatest impact on people’s daily lives, according to our survey, with 22 percent saying his decisions impact them,” Molla reports. “He was followed by Google’s Sundar Pichai (18 percent) and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg (17 percent).”

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MacDailyNews Note: Among CEOs believed to have the greatest impact on people’s daily lives, Apple CEO Tim Cook was not mentioned.

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  1. Apple, quick, dress up nice! The corpse underneath the clothes is starting to show. That beautiful dress is old and worn. Worms peak out from it. But you cannot see, Apple. You haven’t used your eyes to look out in a long time, and now you may not be able to. So keep dressing yourself, oh corpse. Keep hiding your death, oh cadavre. And when there is nothing left of you, when you’ve gone to dust, something new; something alive will replace you.

    Devin Prater Assistive Technology Instructor certified by World Services for the Blind JAWS certified


  2. It is a shame that Google is ranked so high up, given it is just as bad as Facebook, if not more. Also Facebook would have been ranked a lot higher if it was not caught with its pants down. Apple has nothing to worry about, these rankings are meaningless.

    1. Most people do not care about privacy and will happily turn over all their personal data for “free” services. It doesn’t take a genius to see that much when Android OS has about 88% market share. Apple will always be ranked below companies that offer bundled and free services. No one actually wants to pay for anything that costs money.

      It may be meaningless in some way but it’s definitely meaningful when it comes to stock valuation. Investors are happy to pay nearly 15X as much for Amazon than they are for Apple. I’m willing to bet more people hate Apple as a company than they do Amazon, Google, Facebook, etc. At least it seems that way based on news media reports. I’m always seeing hate-Apple rants on Youtube. Maybe the hate-Google rants get quickly deleted.

  3. Americans have been pretty bad at judging what will be a “positive impact on society” – there’s a lot of evidence.
    Amazon is gutting American jobs, and they abuse their warehouse employees like unwanted machines.
    All corporations do bad things, but Amazon is pretty bad, even for a corporation. It’s entire business model is “strip away everything possible between a cheap overseas manufacturer and a clueless customer.” They happily sell all kinds of counterfeit products, gutting the reputation of the original inventor.
    Not good.

    1. Amazon does more than sell products and ship packages, but that is the core business of the corporation and it is hardly praiseworthy as a benefit to society. Sure, Amazon has improved access to a wide range of products at reasonable prices, but that just makes them a big box online store who also aggregates other stores, much like eBay. Amazon is a convenience, not a life-changing revolution.

      1. I suspect that is very much why they polled so high, Google too no doubt, for most people these two are a boring if ever present useful tool. Apple’s products are less universal no matter how much we may consider them superior and inseparable and a great many don’t come into contact at all.

    2. Any company doing this will forever be on my black-list. I know, I know, I should be more forgiving, as companies make mistakes. As well, I should acknowledge the safety/security of Android and active privacy when using their online tools. Excuse me while I attend to my thrombosis.

      1. And then what should he do?

        First thing I recommend is find out who funded the survey, then how are the questions asked/slanted, how is it then reported, and what is the demographics of the respondents verses the field being surveyed.

        And I didn’t even need a course….

          1. Yes, but the issue I see for the margin of error is based on what? If they are trying to pass off a truly cross-section of (let’s say) voters but it skews heavily to one side, then the margin of error is only measuring the differences in those questioned whereas if they REALLY want the truth (and most surveys don’t) then the out of balance questions and respondents would be added to that margin making the entire survey most likely void (in my opinion).

            1. What skews more than anything is the makeup of the people asked and the questions asked as you have pointed out. The margin of error attempts to reflect the disparities …

      2. So you’re claiming that a sample size of less than a twinkle in the eye of a rounding error of possible users of Google, Apple, FB, Amazon, etc. can result in any meaningful data? For a sample size that small any bias would skew results in any number of ways. For one who claims to have any knowledge of Statistics beyond the existence of the science you have a really bad grasp of the obvious.

  4. My gut reaction is that I can understand amazon being #1 but I am totally stunned about Google beating Apple. Amazon brings people cheaper prices and huge convenience when it comes to shopping for anything. But google matches up with Apple better in the services and merchandise available and in my mind Apple wins that race hands down. To me, this says a lot about the CEO and executive team.

    1. I agree with you on Amazon. Matchup between Google and Apple I think boils down to how much reach each company has on Society as a whole. Google Maps, Google Search, Gmail, Chromebooks, Chrome browser, Android devices are in more people’s lives than Apple products and services. Maybe a quicker way to look at this poll is “If the company disappeared today, how many in Society would be affected?” I believe Google and Amazon top Apple in that regard. Impact on suppliers on the other hand would probably be Apple.

  5. We are a stupid, stupid people. Sigh. Someone needs to very publicly address the fact that Amazon and Google are indeed worse than Facebook. It’s also sad that Apple, a company that empowers creativity, is below the guys that make it easier to be lazy, mentally and physically. So backward, so sad, but makes perfect sense given the average American’s mentality these days.

    1. You are so right!. At first I wondered how anyone could vote your response down, but then I realized that some of the very same people (or type of people) that were surveyed would read your post and disagree, and possible even be offended. Unfortunately perception is more powerful than truth these days and most people are to lazy to actually seek the truth.

    2. blame the education system that spends the most in the world per student and gets lowest scores the survey seems ok since few view apple the way they do amazon, fb in daily life apple is after all an iphone store and cooks sjw efforts are ALL liberal which means he turns off over half the country fb and amazon don’t have this baggage

  6. The methodology in this survey is extremely problematic, also that it seems to have been funded by google themesleves. Also the phrasing of the questions seems odd and leading, or a push-poll. Very strange (reads like one of those pro Microsoft pieces in the early CNET days)

  7. Apple gave us a computer in our pocket. Without which, Amazon and Google, as well as Facebook, Twitter..and others, wouldn’t be doing as well (or even exist).

  8. Oh I believe Tim Cook has had the greatest impact on professional people’s lives hampering their livelihoods with very poorly designed, misguided, nobody asked for the trash can, hasn’t been upgraded in 5-6 years Mac Pro’s. Not to mention no 32Gb MBP’s and no upgraded or upgradeable Mac Mini’s in quite a while.

    So yeah I’d say Apple CEO Tim Cook has had plenty of impact – all bad.

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