Apple is poised to take another swing at news subscriptions

“Raise your hand if you remember The Daily,” Michale Simon writes for Macworld. “Back when the iPad still had a 30-pin connection port, Apple teamed up with News Corp. to bring a new type of publication to the burgeoning tablet market featuring exclusive, interactive content, rich animations, and touch-focused games. It cost a buck a week or $40 a year and was delivered to Apple’s Newsstand app on the iPad each morning.”

“It lasted less than two years,” Simon writes. “The biggest problem with The Daily was that it was too middle-of-the-road. Even after the early bugs were squashed, The Daily’s content was too generic to find a dedicated audience, a death knell in today’s 24/7 news culture.”

“But Apple hasn’t given up on making subscription news a feature on iPhones and iPads. Just last month Apple announced it had acquired magazine delivery app Texture, and according to a new report from Mark Gurman at Bloomberg, a ‘premium subscription’ news service is on the way,” Simon writes. “This new approach has a whole lot more going for it.”

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  1. It would depend on the magazines. If it includes the kind of curation Apple News offers up, complements of Apple’s editors, I’m not so keen on the idea. It’s really about what’s available.

    And yes, bundling it with an Apple music/streaming/etc service would be the ideal scenario.

  2. I liken “middle-of-the-road” to real wrestling where the winner is not predetermined. It failed to capture audiences. Fox News, on the other hand, is as entertaining – which means very – as pro wrestling where the winner is predetermined and the venture is lucrative.

  3. This would only work if the magazines were completely ad free and was comprehensive enough to have international, national, regional, and local selections. Multilingual stuff too. If it’s just a handful of national mudpuddle deep “news” outfits reporting crisis events to push their bias ad nauseum, PASS!!!

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