Can Apple still make pro hardware?

“For many years, Apple was at the top of the creative pro hardware world,” Alexander Fox writes for Apple Gazette. “Digital artists, animators, 3D modelers, photographers, game designers and developers all seemed to prefer Apple devices, reinforcing the brand’s prominence as the fancy creative brand. Some of the best creative software ran on Macs only, and there was a broad ecosystem of hardware and software tools to help professionals that required significant computing power.”

“But as time wore on, Apple lost some of its gleam in the eyes of creative professionals. Hardware has aged badly,” Fox writes. “Updates have been slow in coming. The product line has become twisted and confusing. Can Apple return to their former glory and make great pro hardware again?”

“Some signs are troubling,” Fox writes. “When announcing that the Mac Pro would be delayed until 2019, Apple also announced that it had convened a professional workflow team to examine the requirements of professional users and build a machine uniquely suited to them… While asking for feedback from customers shouldn’t be interpreted as a bad sign, what happened to the confident Apple of yore? Where is the Apple that knew what users wanted before they wanted it?”

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MacDailyNews Take: Of course Apple can still make pro hardware. All Apple needs is willing leadership.

Aren’t Apple themselves professional Mac users doing everything from industrial design to film/video production to architecture and more? Does Apple really need a “Pro Workflow Team” or is it just more bullshit meant to paper over the indefensible mismanagement of the Mac Pro?MacDailyNews, April 6, 2018

Apple's job on the Mac under Cook is not great. At all. Apple's current CEO seems to have swallowed his company's marketing hook, line, and sinker that the iPad is the future of personal computing (which it actually is – eventually, not in its current state), so seems bound and determined to force the issue via the type of disinterest in the Mac that only a former Compaq parts-orderer could muster. In the hands of a more aggressive CEO, as opposed to just a caretaker CEO who’s proven repeatedly that he cannot take care of all of Apple’s product lines concurrently, the Macintosh would have much greater unit sales, market share, and profitability.MacDailyNews, April 14, 2018

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  1. I’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting for a new, true Mac Pro.
    Then, I heard they weren’t coming until 2019.
    Today, I ordered a new, loaded Windows PC with an Intel i9 processor.
    I’m done waiting for Tim Cook.

    1. And sadly George you are far from alone. You and everyone must do what they have to do, buy products that fit your workflow and not your workflow having to bend to fit Apple’s. I applaud your courage and good sense.

      The lack of sensitivity and fucking horribly with people’s livelihoods is staggeringly apathetic in Cupertino. Playing with design at OUR expense that we never needed or wanted. That Tim, Phil or Craig wouldn’t have sounded the alert two years ago is telling.

      Well we can only return the apathy right back at Apple products by not buying them and those recommendations to others will now go missing because WE don’t care anymore. We no longer believe. It’s like suddenly being out from a cult and more clearly seeing around you.

      They’ve done so much more damage than they know, and we won’t be mollified any longer by assurances that only met with sustained disappointment. In fact saying they’ve only assembled a special pro team now speaks volumes as to why pros need to run the opposite direction NOW. And believe me I can’t believe that I’d ever say that.

  2. As people here have pointd out but it’s fun to repeat it, Cook is Ballmerizing Apple, giving bean counters too much power to design products. But Jony too much too much power, causing him to loose himself into navel gazing design effects.

  3. There are people who say that Apple has neglects the Mac due to ‘priorities, putting resources where it is needed etc” i.e that it should focus on iPhone.

    Besides pointing out the fact that SIRI which is an integral component of iPhone and iOS has ALSO been neglected I’ll like to remind what Steve Jobs managed to accomplish from his second tenure of a bit more than a decade. Half of that time he he was suffering from Cancer and in 2007 there was the recession (the biggest since the great depression).

    When he got back in 96/97 although Apple has a few billion in the bank the cash burn was so large that Jobs said Apple was three months from insolvency. From that start with WAY LIMITED RESOURCES than Cook he:

    1) Created a brand new platform iPod which crushed way bigger rivals like Sony (Walkman).

    2) iTunes which became the No.1 music retailer in the world beating Walmart, Amazon .

    3) IOS

    4) The iPhone which revolutionized the phone industry against entrenched rivals like Nokia, Blackberry, Palm, Motorola etc and made Apple the richest company in the world.

    5) The iPad.

    6) the App Store.

    8) Apple TV (hobby) and accessories like the great Airports

    9) Apple’s retail chain. From Zero to the highest per square foot earner

    10) He also laid the plans for the Campus and was aware of the Watch.

    AND after saying in 1996 that the “PC wars were over and Microsoft had won”… :


    He created the iMac and later did the impossibly hard transition of Mac OS to OSX (based on a totally different Nextstep) and Power PC to Intel WHILE ALLOWING most Mac Users to work as normal.

    He also ran kick ass Ad campaigns like 1984, Think Different and ONE NEW Mac Ad a month (66 different Mac PC Guy ads in 4 years alone). ! He did crazy shootouts of Macs beating PCs in photoshop etc.

    These are some of the Macs Steve Jobs masterminded:

    Mac :
    bondi blue,
    Graphite IMac
    Lampshade flat Panel
    G5 Flat Panel
    Intel Aluminium

    iBook Colored Clamshell
    Powerbook g4 Plastic
    iBook White
    Powerbook G4 Aluminium
    Macbook Intel White
    Black Macbook
    Macbook Intel Aluminium
    Macbook Pro
    Macbook Air
    Macbook Aluminium Unibody

    G4 Cube
    Mini G4
    Mini Intel
    Unibody Mini

    G4 Graphite Plastic
    G4 Silver Plastic
    Power Mac G5 Aluminium
    Mac Pro Intel

    (key macs above only . each of these might have several different models and in-between models which I didn’t list)

    note again those Macs are BESIDES the iPhone, iPad stuff.


    I would guess 90% of Apple’s earnings today come from products Jobs was in charge of.

    what the hell happened?

  4. Why do they need to form a team?
    Why don’t they know all of this already ???
    What sort of multi billion dollar company doesn’t intimately know its customers ?

  5. Why on earth does Pipeline need to spend time on Mac Pros when he can attend Hillary fundraisers, travel to Al Gore’s global warming confabs, take his private plane to any event promoting anything gay, stay in the Lincoln bedroom and dine with Mr. Minus 10 Trillion, recruit and pay for useless music icons and Burberry crap, and anything else we can think of except STFU, sit that ass down of yours, and make great, disruptive products that customers love. Oh … wait a minute …. sorry here, I forgot he is doing that … just looks at the red iPhone and the new watch ‘phenomenal’ watchbands he was ‘excited’ to launch.

  6. Apple should go back to its roots, and I mean pre-mac roots. Why was the Apple ][ so popular? It had expandability and was dead simple to install new hardware onto it. The expandability alone carried that computer past the point when competitor computers outmatched it in terms of cpu power and graphics capabilities. Compared to other machines of its day, it could more easily become anything you wished it to be. It could do home automation, control scientific instruments, musical instruments, network terminal, instructional aide, gaming machine, etc… It was a blank canvas that was ready for anything. The internal expansion options in such a machine made it more useful than the early Macs for many applications. This is why even with an inferior processor and graphics, and fewER options for GUI/WYSIWYG software, it outsold the Mac during the Mac’s early existence. This is considering that Apple pretty much ignored the ][ as much as possible beginning with the ill-fated Apple /// launch

    In 1987/88 after the release of the //c plus, Apple pretty much abandoned the Apple ][ platform with almost no products released save for the //e card for the Mac LC. Yet the //gs and //e sold well enough that they were sold unchanged for several years after their intro dates only being discontinued in ’92 and ’93 respectively. Heck the //e card for the LC was the last Apple ][ related product sold with its discontinuation only happening two years before Job’s return.

    We Mac users now, are feeling what Apple ][ users felt in the late 80’s. I love Apple, but I can’t help but feel that the writing is on the wall for the Mac platform.

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