Augusta National’s no-cellphone policy is awesome

“For all the purple prose and tricked-up scenery that Augusta National inspires, there’s something special about the grounds that has nothing to do with the immaculate fairways and brilliant azaleas,” Jay Busbee writes for Yahoo Sports. “It’s the silence, my friend, the absolute stillness that’s like nowhere else in this hyperconnected world.”

“The Masters is one of the last bastions of cell phone-free America, a place where you can watch golf and drink cheap beer without the threat of an annoying text from a relative or a meaningless call from the office,” Busbee writes. “And, my friend, I’m here to tell you: it’s glorious.”

“For all the grief that Augusta National gets — often with good reason — for perpetuating manners and codes of a bygone era, there is this simple fact: living a few hours without a cell phone reinvigorates the mind, feeds the soul, and lets you reconnect with some long-lost skills like ‘conversation’ and ‘eye contact,'” Busbee writes. “Of course, it’s not like you have a choice. Augusta National doesn’t play with its cell phone policy. Bring your iPhone on to the grounds, and you’re risking not just immediate expulsion, but the permanent loss of your badge.”

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MacDailyNews Take: When you’re in a no-smartphone (or a no-Internet) environment, it’s 2006 all over again and, yes, it is magnificent!

Interns: Put down your iPhones for a second and TTK!

TGIF! Prost, everyone!

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “occasionalposter1” for the heads up.]


  1. Well at least that policy won’t be violated by anyone who has even the smallest of brains…..

    Now if the DMV would get that serious with having a cell phone and a steering wheel in your hands simultaneously to the tune of $5000, maybe I wouldn’t have to mash my horn at the idiot in front of me behind the newly turned green light!!……happens every f’n day!!!

  2. Amazing to read that about silence, considering all those that don’t know what it is.

    Mmm a no-cellphone zone, that should keep the tweet twats away.

    1. Yes, that Twitter has really become a phenomenal menace. Amassing large numbers of followers has become an obsessive pursuit for some users whose pathetic longing for love exceeds reason itself. One can easily validate one’s opinions, however frivolous or wrong-headed, through outright manipulation of these followers. Five hundred years ago they would have been called vassals. Fifty years ago they would have been called stooges, chumps, or marks. Today these followers are called voters.

      1. I’d keep it simple and turn the focus totally into policies, the gear work.

        One nugget from these recent revelations is how predictable the model can be.

        Trump was my guy from day one, what a hoot. He is delivering big time.

        I came across this quote from Eleanor Roosevelt, Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.”

        It’s a nice quote to mull over and realize I must be a fool, I’ll discuss them all.

        It’s the difference between being startled by the unfamiliar silence, or the constant onslaught sounds.

    1. TTK – a direction to the peons at MDN to begin the beery ritual marking the end of yet another working week and “tap that keg”

      Prost – a German toast the same meaning as the English “cheers”.


        1. Yes, seriously, its called humour.

          I see you called someone a “Libtard” for making pithy comments on the artificiality of the Augusta National golf club’s course.


          GoeB, correct me if I’m wrong – there’s a first time for everything – but based on the majority of your comments here, you’re not really here to add anything to the conversation, are you?


            1. The problem is the clashing interpretation of the words peon and intern. The two words are both laden with layers of meaning. Some will find humour in them and some will bristle. This is because just about everything these days has a political or personal angle that can lead to an argument. This is one of them. For older folks, the word “intern” immediately summons the sordid affair of Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky. And “peon” reduces anyone to servile status.

              Myself, having experienced being both intern and peon, back when I was a winsome lass, I am strongly divided. It goes something like this.. You are young, inexperienced and you want to get ahead in your chosen profession, so you wisely seek out older mentors for advice, and learn to dress modestly and keep your ideas to yourself. At one company I was advised to wear a wedding band, even though I was unmarried. At another, I was cautioned to say nothing to Human Resources about harassment if I wished to keep my job. If your boss wants you to pick up his dry-cleaning, do it, but not after office hours. For both peons and interns, silence is golden. The lessons were endless, but all boiled down to one thing: don’t be a snowflake.

              But this was back in the roller-coaster eighties and nineties, and things are so much better now..

            2. @GeoB @Herself

              A). Sticks and stones…
              B). Mel Brooks in “History of the World”
              “Oh Pissboy….!”

              In the end though, however you cut it, it’s a descriptor of a person in a menial position.

            3. If the BJ that Bill got in the Oval Office was “sordid,” then what adjective would you apply to Trump, Herself?

              You used to seem fairly unbiased. Now you use your sweet words to clothe your insidious innuendo in sheep’s clothing.

    2. MDN also wrote TGIF! which is Thank God It’s Friday.
      In the UK we’re more used to saying the phrase TFI Friday. This was made famous by Chris Evans, (many around the world will know him as the annoying ginger haired prat from the first series of Top Gear after Clarkson was fired).
      TFI Friday was an entertainment show from the mid 90’s hosted by Evans. The title officially stood for Thank Flip It’s Friday as it was broadcast at 6pm but we all new it meant Thank F**k It’s Firiday.

  3. Unless everyone is searched on entry, you can bet there are many, many cellphones actually on the course in possession of people who don’t blame the device but have character and discipline to respect the rules and turn off/silence their phones for the duration of their visit to accomplish the exact same result described above.
    But such people, often those with military backgrounds, don’t need Augusta to find this peace, they have the discipline to find this peace most anywhere (i.e. on a hike or bicycle ride or at a movie) by merely taking control of the device, exerting dominance over it, but without risking finding themselves in an emergency situation unable to use these tools for their ultimate useful function, emergency communication.
    Imagine a whole new world of adults who don’t blame the phone, the gun, or the doughnut for their behavior but take responsibility for their own actions, a post-millennial era, filled with people not blaming the inner child but living their lives as an external adults for the betterment of all humanity… just imagine…
    … nah, nevermind.

    1. But I want to be clear on the context. While I agree that we should not blame the phone or the gun, that does not mean that we should ignore the potential need to control these devices in the absence of sufficient control from each individual. Personal responsibility goes a long, long way towards making this world a better place. But it will never solve all of the problems, because there is always a small subset of people who are messed up – criminal nature, severe mental issues, drug or alcohol dependence, etc. – who will intentionally or accidentally abuse their rights to the detriment of others. And, yes, that will happen even when there are laws or regulations to help prevent/deter it. My sister was killed by a drunk driver, for example. But that does not mean that I want to get rid of laws prohibiting drunk driving.

      In human society, the best answer is always a strong dose of personal responsibility combined with logical and reasonable rules and regulations. The current NRA stance against any form of gun control is an irrational farce.

      1. “The current NRA stance against any form of gun control is an irrational farce.”

        What exact gun control proposals do you want the NRA to accept? Particularly now after 200,000 gun control laws are on the books.

        Because as a LIFE member, I would support them if they stopped ALL school shootings and also lobby my fellow members and the organization.

        I await your proposals …

  4. Totally artificial environment. AstroTurf covering the walkways. Blue dye coloring the water. Fake bird noise in the background. It’s pretty revolting. The idea that they control cellphone use, while laudable, is also symptomatic of their control freakishness. Forcing CBS to call the fans, “patrons”. It’s what authoritarian regimes do. Control everything.

          1. If you look, there are two posts with Ken in them. That’s me. First one was from my phone, second from my computer. Unlike many here, I post under my name and pic, and am registered.

        1. Looks like DC is responding carte blanche to a BS Libtard post that is simply another hateful attack on golf in general and particularly the Masters. You don’t see it? …

          1. “hateful attack on golf”?!? Where did I mention golf. I pointed out how ridiculous Augusta National is. I love golf. I’ve played all over the World. I believe golf should be as natural as possible. I teach others by using the original Bobby Jones videos. I like Bobby, just don’t like what his golf course has become. Augusta National is as manufactured and unnatural a golf course as there is. Everything I originally stated is true if you’ve paid attention. And, how is criticizing Augusta National’s control freakish behavior “libtard”? Is control freakish behavior a conservative trait?

      1. You sir, respectfully, are a complete waste of bandwidth. No offence, but you may even be a waste of oxygen. Do yourself, and all of us, a favour and please reduce your consumption of either or both in the future. Thank you in advance for thinking of others before yourself.

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