Apple needs to stop promising new products and start delivering them

“At WWDC last year, Apple introduced AirPlay 2, a new wireless protocol that allows users to beam audio to multiple rooms, control speakers through the Home app, and use the Apple TV as a hub for music streaming. Apple partnered with some 14 speaker makers including Bose, Bang & Olufsen, and Denon to bring AirPlay 2 support to a whole new crop of devices, and a developer API even promised third-party streaming apps ‘could all get in on the multi-room audio fun,'” Michael Simon writes for Macworld. “Ten months later, we’re still waiting for it.”

“The same goes for Messages on iCloud. An overdue feature that was set to finally debut in iOS 11, it too has been delayed several times, with a release now primed for iOS 11.4,” Simon writes. “AirPlay 2 and Messages on iCloud are just two of the recent major products and features Apple has been forced to delay: Apple Pay Cash didn’t arrive until the iOS 11.2, several months after iOS 11 launched; HomePod was delayed from December to February and shipped without stereo sound, one of its marquee features; AirPower has yet to get a price or shipping date despite being unveiled seven months ago; AirPods were delayed from October 2016 to December 2016 and have seen stock shortages ever since.”

Simon writes, “And now Apple tells us that the new modular Mac Pro, which it teased in an uncharacteristic press briefing a year ago, won’t be shipping for 12, possibly 18 months.”

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MacDailyNews Take: “Apple needs to stop promising new products and start delivering them.” Gee, ya think?

At WWDC 2018, Apple CEO Cook will take the stage to announce the Apple Transporter, the world’s first teleportation machine, “coming real soon now.”

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  1. Wrote TheMacAdvocate for several years and it pains me to agree. Apple needs to shift its release horizon to make it less about responding to competitors’ products and more about pushing its own.

  2. Appointing an accountant as CEO will always destroy a company.

    It happens faster if they put a designer in charge of engineering: form over function produces pretty devices which don’t work so well.

    Saying you can run a billion dollar business on an iPad just proves you don’t have to type your own correspondence. I note that it is still impossible to,prepare a business report with text in portrait and landscape charts or tables in Pages. It used to be possible, but they dumbed down Pages to make it work on the web and iOS (which still can’t print to a laser printer).

    And Mr Ives obviously doesn’t type either, else Apple’s notebooks would have proper keyboards.

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