A.I. defector gives Apple access to Google’s secrets

“Unlike top football players, the biggest stars among Silicon Valley’s computer engineers hardly ever defect to rival teams,” Richard Waters reports for The Financial Times. “So when they do, it is usually a sign that the tech world’s tectonic plates are shifting.”

“There have been few bigger transfers than that of John Giannandrea, who until this week was the search and artificial intelligence chief at Google,” Waters reports. “On Monday an internal reshuffle at the search company brought news that he was moving back to a pure technology role. That was followed on Tuesday by his abrupt departure for a newly created position as head of AI at rival Apple — something that clearly came as an unpleasant surprise to his former Google colleagues.”

Waters reports, “‘It’s a good move for Apple to have someone at that level — he must have complete knowledge of everything Google was doing,’ said Stuart Russell, a professor of AI at the University of California, Berkeley.”

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  1. I don’t trust Google. He has been one of them for a long time. To blindly trust him would be a mistake. Hopefully, Apple has a security team in place that monitors all employees, especially new top level ones. I wouldn’t put anything past Google. I sound paranoid, but Eric The Mole Schmidt comes to mind and was hiding in plsinnsite. Money speaks volumes over an NDA to many. They say everybody has a price. I don’t want to believe that, but… The double agent techie sounds like an obvious game plan and one that is probably already happening but not yet been discovered.

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