Apple: No new Mac Pro until 2019

“A year ago, I visited the Apple campus in Cupertino to figure out where the hell the new Mac Pro was,” Matthew Panzarino reports for TechCrunch.I joined a round-table discussion with Apple SVPs and a handful of reporters to get the skinny on what was taking so long.”

“Now, a year later, I was invited back to Apple to talk to the people most responsible for shepherding the renewed pro product strategy,” Panzarino reports. “John Ternus, vice president of Hardware Engineering, Tom Boger, senior director of Mac Hardware Product Marketing, Jud Coplan, director of Video Apps Product Marketing and Xander Soren, director of Music Apps Product Marketing.”

“After an initial recap in what they’d done over the past year, including MacBooks and the iMac Pro, I was given the day’s first piece of news: the long-awaited Mac Pro update will not arrive before 2019,” Panzarino reports. “‘We want to be transparent and communicate openly with our pro community, so we want them to know that the Mac Pro is a 2019 product. It’s not something for this year.’ …I wouldn’t expect to see any more info about Mac Pro at WWDC in June. Maybe Apple will surprise on that front, but I think for anything further about Mac Pro we’re going to have to wait for next year.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Par for the course at Tim Cook’s unfocused, lackadaisical, mismanaged, confused, rudderless and, in this case for sure, utterly laughable and disappointing Apple.

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  1. I think Cook may very well be a double agent, working for Micro$oft. His mission is to destroy the company from within. Interrupt product cycles, alienate die-hard customers, delay updates and be personally offended by world leaders.

    1. Nah, his mission is straight from Mr. PostPC himself, Steve Jobs. Kill anything that’s not mobile and keep the iMac for developers to make more iOS software with.

      1. “Nah, his mission is straight from Mr. PostPC himself, Steve Jobs. “

        Wrong Again.

        Show the rest of the class where Steve said to kill and no longer manufacture or support Macs. I’ll save you the trouble CLUELESS, it does not exist.

        “Kill anything that’s not mobile and keep the iMac for developers to make more iOS software with.”

        Although I give you credit for a consistent totally misguided meme — it really amazes me how CLUELESS you are hanging on to two words that you repeatedly take out of context.

        I do not despise iPad only users. So why do you despise MacPro users that BUILT the foundation of Apple? …

        1. The commenter expresses disdain for post-pc thinking exemplified by Steve Jobs. But Steve never talked about killing off anything that wasn’t mobile, and that’s where the commenter veers off his rocker. Steve Jobs was level-headed, and had a long view of where computing was going. Jobs was crystal-clear in his prognostications. Cynicism and pessimism are all very well, but misrepresenting his positions is FAKE NEWS.

          1. “Steve never talked about killing off anything that wasn’t mobile, and that’s where the commenter veers off his rocker.”

            Indeed. Wrong Again keeps going on about FAKE interpretation of Steve’s words. He’s not only “off his rocker” he is ignorant and obviously hates computers …

  2. Ive’s designers spent a year and a half on door handles of the new Campus, got specially milled paper with ‘silver edges’ for coffee table books, and they have 2013 PC being sold on their website as a flagship product.

    Imagine Ford trying to sell a 2013 truck as new while they spent inordinate amounts of effort spiffing up offices for staff.

    Where is Tim Cook’s PRODUCT PRIDE? Where is the sense of embarrassment?


    1. It’d be more like selling that truck by the tens while selling the world’s most desired car by the millions. Nothing embarrassing about that. They’ll get around to updating that truck when it’s worth their time…

      1. so they made billions from their coffee table book, campus door handles, robotic christmas tree, full grown multi million dollar fruit orchard … etc. ? how many coffee table books did you buy? i’ve got 3 Mac pros in my house.

        people like you have bad mouthing macs forever and yet year after year Macs make the most hardware money after iPhone, more than iPad, more than ALL the other hardware like AirPods, Watch , Beats, Tv COMBINED. The mac as a separate business is near a fortune 100!

        even if they don’t sell a lot of Mac pros it’s a flagship, you use it for BRAGGING RIGHTS to Sell OTHER MACS (which again is the largest hardware money maker after iPhone) — that’s why car companies have sports car divisions and enter premier car racers, for the marketing — do you think they sell a lot of souped up cars? got the most awesome computer in the world and you’ll sell a boatload more Macbooks, iPads etc.

        1. seriously, how does Tim Cook now:

          say WITH A STRAIGHT FACE

          “We make the BEST computing devices in the world” ?

          someone would just turn to Apple’s OWN website , point to their flagship desktop Mac , and laugh…

          Why DO YOU THINK STEVE JOBS had for example shootouts of Macs vs high end PCs ? Why did Jobs want the fastest pro Macs ? Do you think they sold huge amounts of them then?

          why didn’t Jobs went all in to iPods (where people with similar thinking as wrong Again were clamouring for him to do). IPods must have sold millions more than Pro Macs then.

        2. in 1996 Steve Jobs said this:
          “I would milk the Macintosh for all it’s worth — and get busy on the next great thing. The PC wars are over. Done. Microsoft won a long time ago.”

          THEN he DID THIS:

          when he got back to Apple in 1996/97 :

          TA-DAH !!!!!! :

          IMac :
          bondi blue,
          Graphite IMac
          Lampshade flat Panel
          G5 Flat Panel
          Intel Aluminium

          iBook Colored Clamshell
          Powerbook g4 Plastic
          iBook White
          Powerbook G4 Aluminium
          Macbook Intel White
          Black Macbook
          Macbook Intel Aluminium
          Macbook Pro
          Macbook Air
          Macbook Aluminium Unibody

          G4 Cube
          Mini G4
          Mini Intel
          Unibody Mini

          G4 Graphite Plastic
          G4 Silver Plastic
          Power Mac G5 Aluminium
          Mac Pro Intel

          ( each of these might have several different models and in-between models which I didn’t list)


          he ran ONE NEW Mac Ad a MONTH !!! (Mac PC guy had 66 DIFFERENT Ads in 4 years). the mac campaign only dwindled and died under Tim Cook.
          Get tha? He tossed MILLIONS of bucks into Mac advertising.


          Tim Cook on Jobs changing his mind : ““He would flip on something so fast that you would forget that he was the one taking the 180 degree polar [opposite] position the day before,””

          1. Alex, what are “Ways Steve Jobs milked the Macintosh for all it’s worth while getting busy on the next great thing?” 🙂

            And now, that the next great thing (at least, it appears, as Apple thinks it) is here, they’re still milking the Macintosh for the rest of what it’s worth.

    2. “Imagine Ford trying to sell a 2013 truck as new while they spent inordinate amounts of effort spiffing up offices for staff.”

      Well as long as its monochrome white or silver (including the tires) and you cannot determine how to open the doors (seamless, you see) (windows also monochrome white or silver) and you are selling it for $1.5 million, it sounds like a winner!

      But you can’t get it until 2023.

  3. Apple is an unreliable partner for Pro users. I switched back to PC because Apple no longer give a shit about high end workflows.

    My advice to Timmy is not to order many of those Mac Pros because there won’t be any pro users left to buy them.

    I preferred Jobs’s Apple. The classic Mac Pro was the finest desktop ever made.

    1. Hopefully you don’t use editing apps needing ProRes in Windows. It’s an annoying issue still and I don’t want to use Avid codecs or Cineform.

      I agree about the “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” classic Mac Pro cheese grater model. It’s sorely missed in a newer version.

      1. I use Resolve Studio which supports ProRes. I have not found ProRes to be a limitation on the PC in general. However, I’m enjoying a vastly more powerful computer than Apple can build at about half the cost.

        1. Good call. For a lot of folks, the Mac as it exists is a great machine. For some, it’s just not working for them anymore. Once you realize it’s not working for you, the right call is to do what you’ve done. Sure, there’s some work getting there, but once you’re there, whether they ship a Mac Pro in 2003 or 2023, it just doesn’t affect you!

        2. I think you might be able to BUILD a cheaper PC Workstation but the one’s I’ve priced out at the high end aren’t all that much cheaper, if at all. The main advantages are future upgrading to your heart’s desire and using OS’s with a more stable roadmap and NO architecture changes. And the PC market falls all over itself addressing, accommodating and helping the pro market, unlike Apple’s pathetic recent history.

          You have to ask yourself how much more continued abuse, disappointment and frustration can a pro take? If I do switch you won’t be likely seeing me as much or at all on this forum in the future (no cheering please).

  4. From

    Sure, I wish the new Mac Pro were coming sooner. But overall this story is fantastic news for pro users — it shows Apple not only cares about the pro market, but that they’ve changed course and decided that the best way to serve pros is to work with them hand in hand.

    MacDailyNews you need to get off your hating Tim Cook thing. If you think you could do better then you are delusional

    1. Apple has earned all this hate. What in blue blazes have they been doing all these years? Why did they become so out of touch to finally understand what should be an obvious company strategy attending to their markets as PC manufacturers do for their markets. It’s really basic incompetence that Apple didn’t have a Pro Dept. keeping their eye on the ball. All these new initiatives should’ve been in place 7-8 or more years ago, not starting last year! Obviously they didn’t bother to stay in touch and hear customers literally PLEADING for the products they want, not the only one they misguidedly provided. Even the 2013 Mac Pro took a couple years to design and make which shows how far back their cluelessness stretched.

      I had money to buy a new Mac Pro a year ago and I’m still waiting and adding insult to injury will continue to wait until maybe close to 2020? Meanwhile making do with a souped up 2010 Mac Pro. I know what I want in a Mac Pro and the 2013 Mac Pro wasn’t it. And I prefer not to spend $8,000 on an iMac Pro that can’t be upgraded.

      1. I feel your anguish. I bought the iMac Pro because I didn’t care to twist in the wind any longer – but I made sure I maxed out the specs. Apple’s arrogance and hubris have become breath-taking in their godlike disdain of mortal concerns, and a company I admired for many years has become ominously threatening.. exceeded only by the grubbiness and mendacity of Facebook and Google. Microsoft looks saintly by comparison.

          1. I still believe in Apple. Just not in the same way I once believed in Santa Claus.

            And I still do business with Microsoft. But I keep their hand off my knee.

            1. I too was a believer -since 1992. This however is beyond the pale. No legitimate computer company with any sense of responsibility to their markets would ignore it for so long or so recklessly. It just doesn’t make ANY business sense.

              I was again looking at the iMac Pro and realized how much I despise being told what components I can or can’t have. Finally having it your way (with external graphics cards, PCIe cards, etc.) also raises the price of ownership considerably and increases clutter. Another dead end.

              I may have to take a biblical departure in the Windows wilderness before maybe someday coming back to the Mac (in the way of a Mac Pro). I just hope by then I don’t have a bitter chuckle when I see what Apple has ill-conceived wrought in a 2019 or 2020 Mac Pro that other poor devils waited for. Well the good news is I may be fully retired by then anyway and not give a rat’s ass.

          2. I did retire in 2016, so my opinions about pro Mac users are measured. To me personally, the state of computing really doesn’t matter much any more. However, I care about the young professionals that followed me. They value my insights and opinions, and reach out to me, asking for guidance. I feel treasured. I do all I can to keep them interested and motivated, and I try to keep my rambling anecdotes to a minimum.

            It really is extraordinary to have had a career that spanned several generations of technology. But I am humbled when I realise that’s likely going to be the everyday experience of every new techie — the only constant being change, the ground constantly shifting beneath one’s feet. To flourish, you need to be able to dance.

    2. I believe this is an odd message for daringfireball to deliver. This is “fantastic for pro users” in that it’s fantastic for pro users that have already figured out how to do “pro” work using Apple’s CURRENT products. Current products like the iMac Pro, the MacBook (and everything in between) and FCPX. The disconnect I think he’s failing to get is that in that set of “pro users”, there’s still a small group of Pro’s that have NOT found anything to like in Apple’s current lineup. It certainly can’t be said that in a product line where nothing fits their need, that a pro waiting another year or more for hardware is “fantastic news” for them.

      The piece reads like “The Mac Pro won’t be out until 2019, isn’t that GREAT NEWS!?” I’m fairly sure that wasn’t the intent.

      1. “it’s fantastic for pro users that have already figured out how to do “pro” work using Apple’s CURRENT products.”

        Wrong Again.

        You ASSUME all pro users have settled on Apple as it is. WRONG! Beyond your clueless arrogance to speak for EVERY pro user, have you not read the posts here? I know over a dozen pros that have moved on to Hackintosh and Windows because they “have already figured out how to do “pro” work ELSEWHERE.

        And yes, the article is “GREAT NEWS” …

        1. “there’s still a small group of Pro’s that have NOT found anything to like in Apple’s current lineup”
          Is what _I_ wrote. I don’t know WHERE you got all hat stuff you made up. 🙂

  5. Listen all you aholes. This is not a problem with the Apple. This a problem with the Intel. Intel does not have anything to offer for the Apple. The sooner Apple moves away from Intel the better.

    Apple has to start designing their own FUs that show the middle finger to the competition.

    And we do have the iMac Pro.

    1. So spend $5-8,000 or more on an iMac Pro that’s only good for another year or two after Apple ARMs it’s Mac line?

      We need to clearly see what their strategy is to more properly determine what we should do & where we should go. (Even if that means unhappily switching platforms.)

      Apple has brought this continuing disaster onto themselves through hubris, inattention, incompetence and carelessness. I used to defend them but circumstances show they do not deserve to be defended or even trusted any longer. Time to make the hard decisions.

      1. Hubris yes, inattention maybe, incompetence no, carelessness not really. Let’s not get carried away. Apple aren’t in the precise business of providing satisfaction to their customers. Their business is competing with other businesses, and in that they are still coming out on top. Sure, Steve Jobs had us with glib marketing koans, and Cook doesn’t have the same gravitas. I don’t know about you but I never took any businessman at his word. You have to accept what they say provisionally, not as gospel. And yes, at times I did have to lock in software based on implicit trust, only to lose out later to the vicissitudes of business. We have all been burnt. That’s life, and more’s the pity.

  6. Shame on Apple for leading a tiny but vocal segment of their users down a dead end road with no clarity on what the future holds. But don’t pretend that you don’t have options, you just don’t like the fact that you can’t update components. I seriously doubt that anyone on this forum does work that requires more than the new iMac Pro provides.

    Once Apple provides a user-upgradeable machine the bitching will start again that: it’s too expensive, it doesn’t support XYZ, I already bought something else, too little too late, I don’t like the color, etc. Real pros get work done however they have to. Armchair “pros” bitch like PMSing women.

  7. Last Mac Pro major release: Dec 18, 2013 – with a trashcan that was obsolete the day it finally tricked to buyers in 2014. It sports fancy Thunderbolt 2 connections a full 3 years after Intel announced Thunderbolt 3.

    But wait, there’s more exciting Mac archaeology for which Apple’s lazy managers should be ashamed.

    The last Mac mini release, which also removed functionality, was Oct 16, 2014. It remains powered by antiquated 4th gen Intel Core processors while Intel is currently shipping 8th gen processors. While thankfully the mini still has useful industry standard ports, Apple still offers a Thunderbolt 2 port as if anyone uses it.

    But wait, there’s more!!!

    The MacBook Air got its last major update on March 9, 2015. It sticks out with an aged display, 5th generation Intel Core processors (again, Intel is on 8th gen now). Is there some reason Apple hasn’t put a 50% off blowout sale sticker on these?

    But wait, that’s not all. Since Apple is all about wireless iOS everywhere, always connected, always tracking you, subscribe to use your thin client computing, surely it has the best wireless routers to keep it all working seamlessly, right? Of course not. In Apple Stores, the blue T-shirt kids will try to upsell you to a Linksys Velop. This is because Apple Airport Extreme wasn’t updated since June 10, 2013 and the Airport Express June 2012. Because you know, Apple thinks a 6 year old wireless router running 802.11n is acceptable to be selling as new hardware in 2018.

    Welcome to the Tim Cook Apple. How much worse can you get?

    1. Outstanding summation. Cook clearly is clueless and has taken the company in the wrong direction on many levels. No reason the richest company in history cannot juggle a lot of balls in the air at the same time. COOK NEEDS TO GO! PERIOD …

      1. Bring on CEO-in-waiting Angela Ahrendts. That’ll fix things up. She’s a hoosier, and she can juggle. Yes, she’s a woman and a fashionista, but she can dance, in the pugilistic sense, and she has zero interest in SJW sideshows. She has numerous other advantages, but I’ll refrain from listing them here in respect of rising male blood pressures.

        1. “she has zero interest in SJW sideshows”
          I believe that the higher folks in Apple are all cut from the same cloth. You make her the public face of the company, she’ll end up saying/doing the same SJW stuff.

          1. OK then, bring in Steve Ballmer. He’s no social justice warrior. He’s said he’d consider another run in the tech sector, after helming Microsoft for 15 years. His basketball hobby is boring by comparison. He is visceral and violent, he visibly sweats, he is spontaneous and incoherent, he is bald just like Amazon chief Jeff Bezos but taller and more imposing, and Wall Street listens when he talks. His wife is a knockout and social fixture. He knows how to sell the Windows operating system, which is a dog — imagine how much more effective he’d be at selling the superior macOS! Ballmer looks like a football player whilst Cook looks like an accountant; that could make a profound difference in a security inquiry on Capitol Hill. I could go on and on about this man’s qualifications for the job, but the truth is, I’m in love with him.

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