DirecTV Now extends offer for free 32GB Apple TV 4K

“DirecTV NOW has extended its offer that provides a free 32GB Apple TV 4K streaming device to new customers who prepay for three months of service,” Chris Hauk reports for MacTrast.

“DirecTV NOW plans start at $35 per month,” Hauk reports. “That means new subscribers will score an Apple TV 4K (and three months of streaming TV service), for as low as $105.”

“The 32GB Apple TV 4K retails for $179, so this is a great deal, even if you’ve already found a streaming service you like,” Hauk reports. “The deal is even better than last fall’s DirecTV NOW Apple TV 4K promotion that required customers to prepay for four months of service to get the free device.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: We use Sony’s PlayStation Vue because it offers the most live local networks in our area (we get them all anyway via HD antenna, but it’s nice to have them in the Vue app anyway; search for Playstation Vue in the Apple TV App Store). We like the way the Vue app operates and its cloud DVR functionality (DVRs all your shows at once and stores unlimited episodes on up to 500 programs).

That said, you could sign up for 3 months of DirectTV, get that free Apple TV 4K and always cancel it if you don’t like the service.

Always check your local channel lineup before purchasing a service. Some that show ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC icons only offer them as On-Demand only.


  1. In my area Directv Now is better than PlayStation Vue, and they have cloud DVR on the beta (which I’m testing), but vue does work better for some of my friends who live in different markets. The deal for the Apple TV is pretty nice though and taking Mdn’s advice here makes sense. Also if you’re on Att you get a $25/month discount and free hbo for life with directv now.

  2. Already have DTVN and an Apple TV4K- watch it mostly on my Mac (via Chrome browser) and on my iPad Pro. Not impressed with the UI on Apple TV or iOS- it really sucks on Roku, which I also have.

    That stupid Jerry Springer commercial where the chick throws a guy’s stuff out the window tells me AT&T does not have a clue on how to market streaming TV. That ad makes me want to cancel my service.

    I want a la carte- not a bundle. Tired of subsidizing channels I do not watch.

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