Apple’s education strategy is not based on reality

“On Tuesday, Apple laid out its clearest vision of their education strategy to date. That strategy revolves completely around the iPad in classrooms. Apple is keeping the iPad at the center of everything it does in education,” Bradley Chambers writes for 9to5Mac. “Some teachers will look at some of the new apps that Apple has created for educators, but will 50% of teachers in the US explore new solutions? I highly doubt it.”

“Apple’s latest education story is 100% based on that iPad which is the same price it was last year — with newly added Apple Pencil support. They’ve introduced more apps that still don’t fit into a school’s existing systems (SIS, LMS, etc),” Chambers writes. “Do you hear of any CIOs/CTOs getting excited about the Schoolwork app coming in June? Imagine if you are a school district CTO with 15,000 students. Is this something you are rolling out in August?”

“If Apple believes they can make a significant contribution to schools, then they should go all in to change everything about school technology. They should buy major a textbook publisher and change the purchasing model for books when you deploy iPads. They should buy (or buy back) a student information system platform and integrate it with all of their new apps,” Chambers writes. “They should build a viable alternative to G-Suite that makes it easy for schools to manage communications. They should do all of this at a price where the least affluent districts can deploy it as easily as the most affluent ones.”

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MacDailyNews Take: When you’re pulling in over a quarter of a million dollars per day, as is Apple CEO Tim Cook, how much touch with reality can you really be expected to have?

Despite Apple’s latest “education” dog and pony show, the paradigm hasn’t changed in 40 years: The richest and/or most forward-thinking schools will have Apple solutions and the rest won’t. The former will produce the type of people that will get the best jobs.

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  1. You know, maybe this is not related to reality at the moment, but I think that you can find in it something that will happen very soon in all schools. I think we are not far from the day when you can see the iPad in all classes and use the “do my assignment” function on it and get more and more knowledge through the site And this is a good perspective which is developed by the company. So it all depends on the time when it all becomes reality.

  2. With Apple today’s policy we gonna get down to situation where you gonna have to get paid to do homework online. If Apple want to make changes in educational process, they have to change first the way they treat their customers and independent repairs services. I don’t think that any Apple app can made some significant changess in education, it’s rather approach that must be changed.

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