Apple debuts new TV ad for Apple Pay on iPhone X using Face ID

Apple has debuted a new TV ad, “Fly Market,” touting Apple Pay on iPhone X using Face ID.

The ad features the song “Back Pocket” by Vulfpeck.

The spot follows a man dancing through an outdoor market making Apple Pay purchases with just a look. Each item he purchases flies onto his body as if by magic.

Direct link to video here.

MacDailyNews Take: Perhaps it’ll intrigue those without an iPhone X, but as those of us with Apple Watches already know, we’d rather pay via wrist than have to fish out our iPhone X units and have them Face ID us in order to make purchases in a market.

Stuck in an infinite loop of Apple dancing ads – March 8, 2018


  1. Is it too much to expect a real transaction shown with a mention that you can stop using your plastic card which is ripe for identity theft? Does every commercial have to have dumbass dancing and no intelligent message?

    1. You should be hired in a Marketing dept for….. Microsoft.

      You know, they stop reporting bridge suicidal because it was giving ideas…


  2. In my experience, not one retailer in 500 accepts Apple Pay, and 495 of them haven’t even heard of Apple Pay. Seems to me Apple’s support for a great service is totally lacking. Perhaps they should locate some their personnel away from the Bay Area toward towns in smaller regions, like Philadelphia and Northern Virginia.

    1. I’m not sure in what part of the world you live, but I have tried it in several (parts of the world), and the adoption rate is quite high. The fastest ones to adopt are small, independent businesses (pizza places, bakeries, pastry shops, convenience stores), and the worst offenders are US chains such as Target, who continue to resist, in order to prevent loss of personally identifiable customer data (for direct ad targeting).

      If I were to put a number, nine out of 10 transactions I do these days are through Apple Pay. This is in NYC.

    2. I use ApplePay with phone and Watch at Grocery Store, Wendy’s, gas station counter, and many other places. It is pretty widespread now and very easy to use. That is what Apple needs to put in the ads – educational blurbs quickly showing how simple a transaction is and explaining how secure it is. No dancing. Some intelligent words. Is that too complicated for Apple’s ad geniuses?

      1. I agree that Apple could mix in some other content to show how these functions are useful and easily accessible. But I still like this commercial – it gives a feeling of Apple “magic” like the old iPod ads.

        People tend to actually “like” their Apple products as opposed to just using them as tools. I appreciate my Apple devices in terms of design, utility, aethetics, and making my life a bit simpler and easier.

        1. I don’t like any of the “cool” ads. The “hipster” image is so stale its ridiculous.

          I liked the I’m A Mac I’m a PC ads. They were intelligent, funny and gave people solid reasons to switch. The ad in question gives a lot of people more reasons to believe the worst stereotypes of Apple.

  3. Suffers from overly-sophisticated production values and not enough heart. It focuses on swag over feeling, technique over delight. So its pedestrian quality is reminiscent of a Microsoft or a Samsung commercial which are all uninspired even dreary.

    1. Perhaps if you spent less time focusing on the skin colour of the protagonist you would have noticed him actually using FaceID to activate his ApplePay.
      Apple ads are rarely instructional because their devices and systems are so intuitive. It took just one demonstration to get my 85 year old Mum using TouchID. I’m sure she’ll get using FaceID just as quickly when I get her next iPhone upgrade.

    2. … the way most advertising is these days, putting blacks in everything making it appear they are 75% of the U.S. population. Now if they were talking about prison populations …

      1. Actually, according to BOP as of Feb. 2018; only 38% of inmates in the US are black WHILE 58% are white.

        In other words: There are more WHITE people in prison than black people.

        Don’t be angry because the media is more accepting than you are. White men have had nearly 300 years to be the center of USA advertisement, but newsflash minorities are steadily increasing and whether you choose to acknowledge it or not. Therefore, be happy that our nation is prospering, because without people of other races we’d be more broken, stale and the other 194 countries of the world would hate us. Every single country has a beautiful, spectrum of races – that was how humankind was created.

  4. Its why I won’t buy the X. Face ID is less efficient than Touch ID – though I accept it’s more advanced. At some point Apple will put a Touch ID entire back onto an iPhone alongside Face ID. At that point I’m in.

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