It’s past time for you to STOP USING FACEBOOK

“Facebook’s past two years have been all about ethical and technological crises that hurt users most of all. A favorite editor of mine hated that word, ‘users,’ because it made it sound as though we were talking about something other than people,” Damon Beres writes for Mashable. “I can agree with that, but also see now that ‘users’ is the word of moment: Facebook’s problems extend forever out of the idea that we are all different clumps of data generation. Human life is incidental.”

“The photos you post are interpreted by Facebook’s programs to automatically recognize your face; the interests you communicate via text are collated and cross-examined by algorithms to serve you advertising. Our virtual social connections enrich this marketing web and make advertisers more powerful,” Beres writes. “And many of us open the app to scroll without really knowing why. Facebook literally presents us with a ‘feed.’ We are users the way drug addicts are users, and we’re used like a focus group is used to vet shades of red in a new can of Coca-Cola.”

“I have exactly 1,000 Facebook friends, and about 10 actual, best friends I see on a regular basis. It wouldn’t have occurred to me to care much about those other 990 Facebook friends until revelations from the Cambridge Analytica scanda. We have to admit now that the choices we make on Facebook can directly impact others,” Beres writes. “There’s no precedent for a social network of this size. We can’t guess what catastrophe it sets off next. Will a policy change someday mean it’s open season on your data, even if that data has limited protections in the here and now? Be smart: It’s not just you, or me, out there alone.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We use FaceBook as an RSS feed. Our CMS automatically reposts our article headlines and links them back to our website. That is our only interaction with Facebook and has been our only interaction with Facebook for years. We deleted our personal accounts many years ago.

If you want to share photos and videos with friends, text them using Apple’s end-to-end encrypted iMessage service. You need to control your social networking, not cede it to a gatekeeper like Facebook.

We haven’t had personal FaceBook accounts for many years now. And happily so.MacDailyNews, May 11, 2017

Beyond the privacy aspect, Facebook is Creepster Central. It’s a Narcissists’ Paradise. In general, yuck. — MacDailyNews, March 27, 2015

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  1. I signed up for facebook ten years ago because it got me some extra space on dropbox for free. The only thing I use it for now is looking at standup comedy events that are on and photo albums people have put up. I’ve never posted anything, never added any friends. The whole thing just seems massively over complicated if nothing else.

  2. It’s fun to be social. Especially in a way that is on-demand, meaning I can look when I want and leave when I want. FB has a link into human need. That need won’t go away. Neither will our desire to fill it nor the joy that comes from filling it.

    So Facebook or something like it won’t die or go away. It IS possible that VrBook or ArBook could replace Fb — that is, a service that lets you put on goggles and BE there. If FB doesn’t get this right and others do FB could be out-maneuvered and eventually shrink beyond significance.

    Thus, I think our best hope is that Apple or another seriously careful company with huge privacy safeguards moves to the fore in the next revolution.

    1. I do not know about the privacy with any company – it is all big brother to me –
      but Higo – had to comment on your point about the human needs that are met.
      Facebook is one type of “watering hole” where people come together to share, support, rant, observe, learn, spy, judge, do business, waste time, get enriched, get drained, fight, meet new people, see different sides of people they already know, post videos for free, make cool digital things with software available, form groups, get news, and be in a social community like maybe they had back in the days when they socialized at the well.
      I dunno
      I prefer blogging on WP – but I see how FB meets very real social needs.

      1. Facebook: “social validation feedback loop,” one of the actual founders, Sethe Parker. Sounds pedestrian? No, not in my mind. It’s a bit sick.

        “surveillance company,…rebranded as a social media,” Ed Snowden.

        No different than Google, except with a “friendlier” platform where one forgets what’s happening behind the curtain.

  3. Facebook is and always has been dishonest. Tried to delete account in 2011 but only allow me to ‘suspend’ not delete, have learned they still maintain my data, perhaps so they can inflate number of users to advertisers.

    1. MDN itself is technically social media, or at the very least least a “forum” operating under the WordPress social media platform.

      While I wouldn’t go as far as dumping MDN, I must admit, force-hiding comments from regular agitators certainly has made visiting this place a much more enjoyable experience.

      1. I’m a bit confused here. When you talk about force-hiding comments from regular agitators are you talking about the moderation here at MDN or is there a way to force hide (comments from) regular agitators. If the latter is the case, well how do you do it?

        1. Neither MDN nor WordPress offers a way to do this, but there’s a way if you have some web development experience.

          All logged in users here have a unique class for their comments, e.g. “comment-author-flamingTroll”. Use Javascript to hide it, e.g. $(“.comment-author-flamingTroll”).hide()

          To do this automatically, you need a way inject custom user scripts into webpages you visit. There’s extensions like Greasemonkey or Tampermonkey depending on your browser; or, if you don’t trust a 3rd party with that level of power over your browser, you can write your own extension for Safari.

          The example Javascript just hides their comment, but additional Javascript can be used to hide the entire sub-thread and its responses, which are often well-meaning but still part of the derailment the original troll desired to cause.

          1. Ah thanks for that feedback mossman, the reason for asking is that another site that I am a member of has an ignore function and your comment made me wonder if there was something in wordpress/mdn that provides the same function, other than your brilliant suggestions.

            Thanks again, much appreciated.

  4. Love the Snowden posts here at at the other Facebook heading. It’s not surprising that a company from such a sleazy nation resorts to such tactics. Pretty well everyone know the score by now, their leader has made it clear to all:

    “Because we’re so stupid.”

    Donald Trump

      1. Well that’s a nice try of putting words and insults into my mouth. I’ve said it a few times and I’ll say it again, none of your leaders have impressed me much since the shrub and that includes the obummer. Prior to that I took very little notice about the political machinations of your country. It’s only with the advent of your traitorous acts against humanity, the invasion of Iraq and the embrace of torture resorts like Guantanamo on the Bay that I’ve spoken up and I’ve spoken up plenty during the obummer administration. I’ve been consistent on that, and if you’ve missed my many posts during the Obummer era, you’ve not been paying attention.

        You could have asked, you could have spent a few minutes going through the archives (just look for Snowden under the topic head and you’ll some of find my obummer era posts) but like the typical citizen of a morally bereft terrorist nation you forgo civilized behavior and attack attack attack out of the fear and hatred that blinds you and runs through your pathetic stars and skidmarks nation.

        Torture is for terrorists and the way I see it, your nation has embraced it with both arms, both libtards and repukkkhans.

        I really like the chump though, he’s a wonderful representative of what your nation has become, all show and no substance, far superior to the hilarious alternative that was running.

        I sure hope that it’s clear enough for you now. Remember it’s constructive criticism, because I hope one day, your nation will find its greatness again, shed its torturous ways, treat other sovereign nations with respect and rejoin the ranks of the free and civilized world. My gut feeling though is that it’s not going to be easy nor very pleasant. Karma is going to be such a bitch and a half, especially on torturers.

        1. That is exactly how I plan to guide myself through the tortuous times ahead for an American: reliance on the principle of karma. As you know — but as too many fractious partisans dismiss to their peril — karma is hardly a mere philosophical abstraction; it is an operating principle of business, economics, psychology, and governance. In understanding how the world actually works, it stands as an equal to Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle in physics.

          What goes around, comes around.

          1. Smart move, and you can use it to help navigate the ship. The shrub started a wild war, obummer maintained it, the only president to keep your country at war for the entire duration of his two terms. The chump can’t beat that but he has an incredible opportunity for peace coming up. I’ll rally for that idea, it would add some substance to that current drama queen reality leadership show you currently have going on.

            Peace, what a great deal. It’s gearing up to be a one on one meeting a make it or break it situation. Let’s hope that your great deal maker is up to that task, I strongly suspect that the other leader will be. Who knows, the tyrant and the wanna be tyrant might have enough mutual respect for each other after sniffing themselves. I’ll rally for that.

            There would be a certain irony to it, as from the looks of it, your nation is in a state of quasi civil war. Nowhere is that more apparent to me than seeing that Parkland post here at MDN, a whole debacle on gun control, and the only one putting up a message of sympathy for the victims isn’t even from Apple’s home nation. It’s happening again, just check the heading “Apple CEO Tim Cook tweets support for Austin employees facing serial bomber threat”. I put down my sympathies and respects while the others bicker. What are you going to do Herself? Maintain your silence, join the dancing on the graves argument with the rest of them, or are you going to summon up a modicum of integrity and post some sort of sympathy for the victim. Do that last one at your own risk, it’s all i for an i here now, an insult for every idea.

            Aesops talked about “United we stand, divided we fall” in his fables, and a similar phrase is found in the religious texts, “And if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand”. It’s almost common sense. It’s obvious how much your country is falling, not because I’m peering up from above, not because I’m riding on some high horse, but rather because you, your nation has embraced torture and the total disregard for others. A kid can go in and blast 17 people away and not one of their fellow citizens even stops to offer sympathies for the victims at this social media site, instead it’s a flood of bickering and insulting posts. That’s pretty divided, especially on a site that used to be filled with fun loving geeks, that loved their Macs, that loved what Apple was doing, empowering people to do their best.

            1. Talking through these forums is a sort of academic exercise for me, a learning experience. To make an impact on the world, I travel to sites of emotional devastation and volunteer as a nurse, answer telephones, or pick up trash. Literally being there for people is more fulfilling than scoring rhetorical points on the internet.

            2. My experience has been different but I can understand and respect your views.

              Next time there is a massacre of massive proportions in your nation, and there will be, and there is a topic of sympathy and respect for those people at this site, and there will be, I’ll know that you’ll stay on the outside with all the other Scot Petersons out there while I go in amongst the uncivil debacle that your fellow citizens will surely kick up as they dance and piss over the freshly dead, their bodies still warm and the graves undug and do the civilized thing, pay my respects. If I have to do that alone here, so be it.

              You weren’t there for those 17 dead people how foolish of me to think that you had what it took to be civil on line in the future. My so very bad.

              You must be some nurse, I’m so glad you aren’t one of the ones I’ve helped train.

            3. I forgot to add a thank you for rekindling a memory. Imagine isolated, devastated communities, those of origin with their culture raped to the point that they are silent in class, they stir not upon the blackboard, but stir the bottle they call Jack.

              There is one thing that they will do however, is type. It has to do with shame. If they talk they are using their voice, if they write they are using their action, and their identity is their shame. If they type, it belongs to no one and everyone. There is no way to tell who is typing what. That is what worked for them and it’s a similar to here. I just want you to know how my experience has been different, very different. However it has been unique hence the respect for your views.

              I still bring it to your attention. You are the queen of this site, and this is an academic exercise for you and it’s a learning experience. I find it can also be a sharing experience. What have you learned, what do you feel about what you’ve learned?

              Here’s something I’ve learned from the Parkland topic:

              “Because we’re so stupid.”

              Donald Trump

              Now you can stay there, continue to dig (that will be easy) or put a spark onto the world by coming forth and paying your respects when the time is appropriate.

            4. I’m just a reflection, you must not have a lot of mirrors in your house. Tried, you mean I did not succeed? Sorry about that, I thought you were a humane being with a shred of decency. Off you go, go play with your friends, you know the grave dancers. I’m sure the children of your country will be wowed by your patriotic duty as you urinate and defecate on their graves with gun control debates cause that is where you are heading. Of stay outside the gates of the cematary, you and Scot Peterson. You can sell cookies to raise funs so that the teachers can have bullets for their so precious, yes their precious, so precious guns.

              Shamed, is that what you’ve learned? I guess you missed the invitation to be more, to be nurturing and healing by making a simple payment of respect to the dead. And you think I tried to shame you personally. News flash Herself, you did it, it’s all yours take pride in that because where I tried and failed, you succeeded without trying.
              Hope you learned someone of value, I sure did, but then again this isn’t an academic exercise for me.

              Then again, maybe I’ve penetrated enough of your psyche for you to take a long hard look at yourself because frankly you don’t have to stay at shame. I know I’ve typed a few people out of that situation.

              Have a good life.

            5. Your points are strongly worded but well taken. Very well, I will set aside pride and do as you suggested. My heart hurts for the innocent people who were shot and killed and wounded in that horrific massacre, and I bow my head in prayer for them and for their loved ones. You are right, expressing empathy is so very important at times like this. The right words can help in healing as surely as a comforting touch.

            6. Thank you, it will make a difference and a difference is needed. I’m not looking forward to seeing such a post appear at MDN but this is something that can be turned around by some simple acts of humanity.
              Otherwise…well just have a look at the response I had to endure for offering sympathies to Stephen Hawking on the announcement of his death.

              Thank you, very very much.

            7. I have read Steven Hawking’s papers and popular books. He was one in a million, not just for his ideas but for his intense desire to make everyone experience the wonder he felt contemplating the Universe and how it worked. Trump’s The Art of the Deal excited me when I read it, but Hawking’s The Grand Design made me crave something deeper than how to outsmart the next human.

            8. That’s the power of ideas and ideals, they change us and the beauty of it is that it can appear out of nowhere, and they are there for all to embrace.

              Thank you once again for an idea. I’m sure we’ll run into each other again.

  5. I signed up with Facebook because of a MMORPG, because that was how they communicated with the team. I stopped playing that game after a month or so – too boring and too much work and too flawed – but I did not delete my FB account.

    I never post anything in FB and I very seldom log into my account. So I am not really worried about it. They cannot scrape very much personal information out of my account. But FB and Twitter are just two social media platforms among many. Linked In, for instance, used employment/careers to worm its way into your personal life. Dumping FB may help a bit, but there are many more potential leak points for personal data in your daily life.

  6. It doesn’t matter. If another person who has Facebook talks about you, you know they’ll find out plenty about you. I’m sure Google and Facebook give each other info. So really, just enjoy the ride and use Facebook, don’t let it use you.


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