Apple debuts new iPhone X ad touting the magic of Face ID

Apple has debuted a new television ad for iPhone X on U.S. broadcast and cable networks.

The ad focuses on Face ID and how easy it is to magically unlock iPhone X with just a glance.

In the ad, a high school student simply looks at school lockers, doors, and other closed and/or locked items and they all just pop right open.

Direct link to video here.

MacDailyNews Take: Looks at keg sitting there on ice. (Hint, hint, trusty interns!)


  1. The Touch ID works better it just does
    I don’t expect people to all agree but I have to physically glance multiple times and maybe it will unlock maybe not. Most times yes.
    There are way too many times I have to
    Enter the passcode. Which is a pain.
    With touch I never had to. Ever.

    Also it knows when you’re not looking and will turn off the screen which is a pain. So you have to open it up again.
    All to save precious energy from the thin

    Just the way it is. Face ID is cool. But not better
    Or more convenient.
    Go ahead. Downvote.
    Sad but true.

    1. If what you say is true then they better have that fixed by the time I get my iPhone X Plus. Otherwise the readers of MDN will never hear the end of my complaints.

    2. Face ID has for me worked nearly flawlessly. No complaints.

      Face ID feels nearly frictionless; like I don’t have a passcode when I do. I don’t have to work to open. With Touch ID I still had to do something.

      Of course Face ID is only in its first generation; as with Touch ID, it will only get better and approach perfection.

      1. I recently turned off “Require attention for Face ID” and it is working much better. Before I had to enter my passcode at least once a day because of failed recognition. I haven’t had to enter it since. The only thing about Touch ID I miss is that it worked 99% of the time without having to hold it at a special angle. I hope future iPhones have a wider angle and greater distance at which it can see your face.

        You’d think Apple could afford an attractive person for the commercial? Guess this is a another nod to diversity.

  2. maybe it will unlock, maybe not?
    Apart from just after shutting the iPhone down for an iOS upgrade, when the system requires a passcode, it has never—NEVER—not opened instantly.

  3. Dumb ad; strange-faced model. I like my X and I like the Face ID but the ad is too long (ok, ok, we get it after 4 or 5 things open when she glances at them. Better to throw on 1 or 2 additional features while they have the viewers’ attention.

    1. Except that’s not how advertising works.

      Literally one ad one message. Anything more and you’re decreasing not increasing efficiency and effectiveness.

      1. Exactly. You only have time for one message per ad and you’re lucky if people remember that one.

        The hardest thing is to command people’s attention and get a message to stick.

    2. I think the K-12 school setting is wrong; Most of my friends did not like that part of the school, the locker part; We associated it with drudgery and control by the admins. So it’s nothing delightful about it. I mean, there are so many metaphors that Apple could have used but lockers and school. This ad was not made by visionaries but by geeks.

  4. That ad is fantastic; easily one of the best recent ones from Apple, and they have all tended to be very good.

    And the use of humor; it’s inspired. It’s hard to use humor effectively in mass communication, but this ad manages to do it. Bravo Apple!

  5. Apple really failed on this iphone , the face ID was a last minute gimmic that they implemented because they could not get the touch id working under the glass in time for mass production of the iphone X The next model will have this but it is a shame that they tried to pawn off Face ID as being the next thing because in reality it was a last minute attempt at a revolutionary idea for a flagship device. At CES this year another company developed a working Touch ID under their screen on their new device so if apple doesn’t figure this technology on their own for the next model release I can see them buying out this company to use their working tech on the next device and getting back all those customers that love the idea of the Iphone X but do not want to loose the functionality of the all so convenient Touch ID that we have come to love.

    1. Better punctuation would be helpful in conveying your message, rob. Some people tend to just check out when they can’t easily follow your sentences. I think that if you worked on improving that, you’d influence a lot more people.

    2. If you think such a technically advanced and sophisticated feature as FaceID is a gimmick and something you can hussle up the last minute you’re delusional.

      1. FaceID is an implementation of the Samsung solution so Apple could implement a Samsung screen for its most expensive phone.

        It’s also a great excuse to fragment iOS software into yet one more screen aspect ratio, and force another round of app updates. Apple does everything possible to keep people coming back to the App Store, even when there are zero software benefits to the majority of users happy with iPhone 8 and prior models. More bloat. More bugs. Rinse, repeat.

    3. In no way was Face ID a “last minute gimmic”. You don’t pull out the sophisticated hardware and software needed for Face ID out of some closet. Apple have clearly stated that Face ID was never secondary choice to Touch ID under the screen. They worked on Face ID a number of years with full intention of it replacing Touch ID.

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  7. Did anyone notice the iOS11 bug shown at 0:50 in the commercial? Where the iMessage text extends past the dialog box as the (unnecessary) animation of the box draws on the screen.

  8. Detention for that destructive harlot.

    I would rather watch Hodgman/Long Mac ad rerun loops for 20 minutes than watch a pointless iPhone ad. iPhones ought to be checked at the door of schools anyway. We are raising a generation of idiots who cannot function without dialing a friend for help at every turn. The answers teachers see over and over are Google cut copy paste gobbeldygook. Unlocking a phone by face instead of finger doesn’t make you smarter or faster. Maybe easier for teachers to spot and confiscate?

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