Apple Mac App Store approves app that mines crypto-currency

“Annoyed users have forced an application to stop mining crypto-coins on Apple’s Mac computers,” BBC News reports. “Calendar 2 was available via the official Mac App Store and gave extra features to anyone who let the mining code run. But users voiced complaints about the software as bugs in it made their machines run slowly. There had also been surprise that Apple had allowed the feature to be offered.”

“Calendar 2’s creator has now disabled the code, citing complaints and worries about the ‘ethics’ of mining,” The Beeb reports. “Calendar 2 is marketed as a more feature-laden alternative to Apple’s own built-in calendar software. Last week the app was updated to include code that generated coins for the Monero crypto-currency. The updated app also presented users with options on how they wanted to pay for Calendar 2, and they could decide to block the mining code.”

The Beeb reports, “The updated version of Calendar 2 started to generate complaints by people who said the option to opt out did not work and that the mining code sucked up so much of their computer’s processing power that other applications slowed down.”

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MacDailyNews Take: If it actually worked – allowed users to truly opt in or out – then it would make sense for Apple to approve it, unless allowing users to pay by donating their processor cycles to mine crypto-currency for developers is prohibited by Mac App Store guidelines, of course.

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