The time is now for a ‘style over substance’ year for Apple Watch

“It is far from controversial to conclude that it took Apple almost three years to nail the engineering of Apple’s first wearable: cramming in and fine-tuning batteries, processing and cellular chips and so on and so forth,” Steffen Reich writes for iDownloadBlog. “We were all there along the ride and we can all (provided you have worn a Gen 0 model before) attest to the enormous advancements made over the years.”

MacDailyNews Take: Yes, and we wouldn’t trade the experience for anything!

“With Apple Watch kind of hitting he nail on the head in 2017 it seems hard to predict where the puck will be sliding next,” Reich writes. “In view of the tech finally being in place, I think it would behove Apple to turn their focus to the optics of the wearables category leader, even if it comes at the price of a sabbatical for technological advancements. In plainer terms, it’s time to become more superficial, Apple.”

“I understand how stupid and not techy that sounds, but I also trust that many of us wearing the extremely potent Series 3 would hold a similar opinion,” Reich writes. “The design of a wrist worn device has way more pulling power than the design of a phone. Bottom line: 2018 needs to be the year to make this watch really darn flashy.”

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MacDailyNews Take: A bit thinner, if possible (without sacrificing battery life) would be nice, but we’re not sold on the round case idea. Square displays allow you to do round watch faces, but round watches do not accommodate rectangles or data that’s best presented in rectangles very well.


  1. I thinks its the nicest and most minimalistic and well proportioned smart watch design out there as it is. …. For mass apeal !
    Can it be improved .. sure…but going too extreme maybe a dengerouse move….. it may better serve the tastes of a few .. but at the cost of alienating most… (unless they offer many designs which i doubt they will )

  2. I could see Apple coming in with a second Watch that delivers more fashion flash with less power, or a smaller battery.

    At the same time the Watch’s current design needs to continue with enhancements that support expansion in critical areas, like Health. Look at the Stanford Project or

    for a brief look at heart health. Then start looking at the other areas of health that can be addressed with the WATCH. I’ll go with the same design and growth in health care support.

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