No, iPhone X’s notch probably won’t get smaller or disappear anytime soon

“Korean website ET News, a popular source that often publishes industry and supply chain-related information relating to Apple or Samsung, has a new report claiming this year’s new iPhones will all come with a smaller notch and even thinner side bezels around the display,” Raymond Wong writes for Mashable. “ET News also says 2019’s iPhones might come with screens without any notches at all. They’ll still reportedly come with Face ID, but no notch.”

Wong writes, “Everything about this report strikes me as wishful thinking. ”

“I’m all for a smaller notch or no notch at all so we can all get phones with true “all-screen” displays, but it feels too soon for Apple to make any sweeping changes to the existing iPhone X design,” Wong writes. “Apple’s bound to figure out how to shrink the TrueDepth Camera system or combine the various parts into a fewer components, which could result in a smaller notch, but I have my doubts it’ll happen that soon.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Yup.

Seems too soon for Apple to be able to pull this off.MacDailyNews, March 7, 2018

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    1. It’s not whether you can live with it – of course you can. It’s what it says about Apple’s design principles, under which symmetry used to matter.

      It’s all screen (*except for the notch)

      Edge-to-edge display (*well, three outta four ain’t bad)

  1. I think notch should be trademark for iPhone. Apple should make sure others dont copy it -as-it-is.

    Whenever I see other phones without notch I feel sorry for them as they all look similar… there is no style or difference…

  2. The notch makes no difference to me whatsoever. If anything, until Face ID works at any orientation, it’s a useful cue as to where the top of the screen is. Apple would have to shrink down the highly sophisticated, cutting-edge components inside the notch by about 80% to make it fit in the bezel. Once the “X Plus” comes out the notch will be proportionally smaller and even less relevant. What I care about is that for some reason my WiFi keeps disconnecting and I can’t download app updates, I don’t care about a stupid notch!

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