Analyst: President Trump’s tariff impact on Apple would be just a ’rounding error’

“GBH Insights analyst Daniel Ives wrote Wednesday that he sees tariff action having ‘minimal impact’ on Apple Inc. and the FANG stocks,” Emily Bary reports for MarketWatch.

“He thinks Facebook Inc., Inc., Netflix Inc., and Alphabet Inc. are fairly insulated from tariff and trade-war concerns due to their international revenue streams and service-driven nature,” Bary reports.

“For Apple, Ives believes a likely scenario might be input cost increases of between $20 million to $30 million, due to the use of steel and aluminum in certain products,” Bary reports. “Even his ‘worst case’ scenario of a $50 million increase in input costs would only amount to “a rounding error,” Ives wrote.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: In this quarter, Apple has guided for a revenue average of roughly $28 million per hour.

Apple and other tech firms caught in crossfire as U.S.-China trade war looms – March 7, 2018
Apple Macs caught up in President Trump’s aluminum tariff plan – March 2, 2018


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    1. That’s the obvious fallacy in this whole discussion. This analyst, like the President, expects the adults in the room to submit to bullying rather than accepting the American invitation to an international game of chicken. Given the rising tide of nationalism in the world, I’m not sure that is politically possible for them. If they are punched, they may have no real alternative to hitting back.

      1. And despicable and vindictive Hillary is feeding right into the growth of nationalism by lashing out with her risky red-baiting. Maybe her saving grace is that she uses an iPhone bit I don’t know.

      1. As announced by Trump, these tariffs would be levied against every country selling steel into the US. Are you saying that every one of those has tariffs against the US?

        The biggest suppliers of steel into the US are Canada and Mexico, who definitely do NOT have tariffs. Next comes china, and the only complaint I’ve heard on china from the president of the steel workers union (the biggest supporter of these tariffs) is that they are overproducing and selling for too low a price.

      2. That may be the impression that the protectionists are giving, but it isn’t correct. The reason that we are importing more steel than we are exporting (and have been since 1959) is that American steel is more expensive than the imported product. The purpose of the tariff is to equalize the price so that American steel will be competitive. Overseas steel is already cheaper in its country of origin than American steel, so they have no reason to impose a tariff.

        In most cases, the reason that the imported steel is cheaper is simply the operation of the free market. The overseas plants are newer, and therefore more efficient, they have lower labor and other overhead costs, and they spend less money on mitigating pollution. American steel plants do not have those “advantages,” and never will.

        Propping them up with tariffs is as silly as propping up the buggy-whip industry would have been. The capital and labor would both be better off moving to an industry that does not require government subsidies in order to compete.

        There may be other factors that render competition unfair, such as government subsidies to the local steel industry (that is probably the case with China). There may also be tariffs or import duties on other goods to provide a rationale for a retaliatory American tariff on steel. However, that isn’t simply placing the same tariffs on imported goods that they put on our exported goods.

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    1. Naw, he’s such a good representative of what Apple’s home nation has become that he’ll be easily reelected. After all starting a war is one of the best ways to ensure reelection. A shrewd mood considering that East Korea is threatening peace, the greatest threat to Apple’s home nation.

      /shjtt (satire humor joke tall tale tag).

      1. The numbers I read are very much within the charts. Economic momentum is in line with the last 9 years. Post proof otherwise or admit your partisan bias.

        1. * 313,000 jobs added in February, 200,00 projected. (Nobody in the media saw blowout numbers like this coming.)
          * Unemployment rate at 4.1 percent, the lowest since December 2000.
          * Employed Americans has broken eight RECORDS since President Donald Trump took office: 155,215,000 Americans were employed in February.
          * 31,000 manufacturing jobs added in February and sector employment increased by 263,000 since December 2016.
          * 6.9 percent black unemployment rate in February hits historic low.
          * Stock market soaring since Trump took office.
          * Consumer confidence off the charts.

          Records achieved have NOTHING to do with the last nine years. Records have everything to do with the last year. Denial is not a river in Egypt …

        1. All you know is, you don’t know.

          Please pay attention: the votes on this site are not an exact science and can be FAKE (manipulated) at times. The fact you care about them in the first place, rather than what is being discussed, is not good …

  2. Apple not affected because they outsource production to Chinese suppliers that use Chinese aluminium. Trump simply removed one more reason for manufacturers to leave the U.S. Trump wants America to be an economy based on raw resource extraction using 19th century tech.

  3. First of all, nothing affects the FANG stocks. Those companies are coated with Teflon. They’ll perform better than Apple if the entire world economy collapses. As far as Apple is concerned, even a rounding error is going to bring moans and groans from those gutless Apple shareholders and overly concerned analysts. If they lose $0.02 on every iPhone they’re going to be screaming about major profit losses.

    One would think Boeing would be definitely feeling the pain when it comes to aluminum tariffs, but so far Boeing is flying higher than the ISS and it doesn’t seem like some tiny tariff is going to bring it down. Boeing is making Apple look like crap when it comes to outright share gains. Maybe Apple should to get into the aircraft construction business if it’s that lucrative.

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