Apple Pay adds over 20 more banks and credit unions in the US

“While Apple Pay works with nearly all of the major banks across the United States, there are still regional banks and credit unions with customers waiting for Apple Pay to work with their institution,” Zac Hall reports for 9to5Mac.

“The latest expansion includes several of those banks across the US,” Hall reports. “Apple Pay will soon arrive in Brazil which will mark the first new country added in 2018. Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed the news last month during Apple’s quarterly earnings call. Timing of the launch is not yet known, but it’s possible it could be timed with iOS 11.3 which is expected around March.”

Hall reports, “Apple has also continued to promote Apple Pay through the App Store with in-app discounts that change weekly.”

The list of the newest Apple Pay banks is here.

MacDailyNews Take: Inexorably, Apple Pay expands!

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  1. Finding Apple Pay in more & more outlets. Lucky’s Grocery Store. iLove Lucky’s. Where else can you go shopping and grab a “Local Craft Brew” and continue shopping for your food needs? Pay with my Apple Watch Series 3 NO PROBLEM. No sign, No Touching Keypad & get Apple Pay payment notification on said Apple Watch WITHOUT BEING INUNDATED WITH BS COUPONS OR PROMOS THAT I DO NOT NEED. The looks iGet from the checkout personnel is pure disbelief.

    Also went to Best Buy for the first time in over 6+ years to pick up a Invisible Shield for the Watch and LO AND BEHOLD Best Buy now has Apple Pay. ABOUT FCKING TIME. Still had to sign though. Slowly but surely Apple Pay is making significant inroads UP HERE in Northern Michigan of all places.

    Have a Grateful Day.

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