The five things that kill your iPhone’s battery the fastest

“There are no end of tips and tricks out there to help you get more out of your iPhone’s battery, but based on exhaustive testing I’ve narrowed down the five things that drain your battery the fastest,” Adrian Kingsley-Hughes writes for ZDNet.

“If I had a dollar for every time someone complained about their iPhone’s battery, well, I’d have a lot of dollars,” Kingsley-Hughes writes. “Breakages aside, battery performance issues make up the bulk of the complaints I get about the iPhone.”

The five things that kill your iPhone’s battery the fastest:

1. Cold weather
2. Screen brightness
3. Poor cellphone coverage
4. Rogue app
5. Lots of notifications coming in on your lock screen

How to deal with each of the five battery-sapping situations here.

MacDailyNews Take: Turn down that display brightness and tame those notifications!


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    1. Agreed. Maps apps using GPS are big battery hogs.

      So are lock screen notifications, as stated in the article. I installed Line for team communications for an online game, and the incredible flood of notifications would drain my battery by 2/3 in a couple of hours. Normally, my batt goes all day without dropping below 50%. Notifications that keep bringing your phone out of hibernation are brutally very wasteful of battery life.

  1. I have a personal iPhoneX and work iPhone7. Both batteries are impressive. The X is used a lot more but still has at least 50% at end of the day. The 7 can go 4 days without charge since is only used for mail and calendar.
    Battery life is much better than my last phone which was a 6S.

    1. I like safari, don’t get me wrong, but if you eliminate those 5 you was see that safari will lead in battery use. It is consistently at 60-80% when I look at usage in Settings/Battery.

      1. When you tap the clock face in Backgroud, does the screen time seem accurate?
        Check to see how many pages you have open also. I’ve seen some users with close to 30 pages. That’s got to hit the battery in some way.

  2. I can verify the cell tower search. I discovered at my local golf course where there is no cell reception that my phone will drain half a battery in just a few hours trying to find something to connect to if I don’t shut off the cell radio.

  3. #1 is Ive. If he designed the phone to accommodate a more capable battery, these articles wouldn’t be necessary.

    #2 is Federighi, who has a software team doing a poor job informing the user the battery condition and what’s draining it at any given time

    #3 is Cook, who insists that all iOS stuff stay in constant link to iCloud servers at all times to do anything

    #4 are app developers who do what Cook is doing, pushing the mainframe computing model of always connected data mining

    #5 is the end user who stupidly allows themselves to become addicted to the constant pings, alerts, news balloons, and other annoyances that we happily lived without a decade ago.

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  4. If your worried about battery usage, do yourself a favor, throw your iPhone in the river and be done with it.

    Why hobble your iPhone experience with these tips? What is the point? You should use it to the fullest, battery be damned.

  5. “Turn down that display brightness…”

    Just checked, and mine is at about 60%. That’s during the day. Night time drops to probably 20%. If that’s enough for my 50 year old eyes, surely full brightness isn’t necessary for very many folks. Though my wife is one of those – she hates picking up my phone, as she can’t see it at all!

  6. Messages always ranks as the top application with 65% or more of battery used. I can be in Messages and watch the battery indicator drop 1% every minute or less. Nothing else running. Even reboot the iPhone and it still continues. I have a string of screenshots showing this as it goes down percent by percent and I send a message every time it drops.

  7. My 6s is acting odd. Maybe the winter here in the Bay Area.

    I start my three-hour walk with the battery at 100%, listen to stuff and use Safari a little, and I return home with the battery around 90%. Good.

    But the battery just dies back home, and I’m not using it. This morning, it was at 6%.


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