iMore reviews Apple’s new iMac Pro: Beauty of a beast

“It’s the professional grade Mac nobody knew they wanted until Apple announced,” Rene Ritchie writes for iMore. “All the specs of typical of a Mac Pro — Xeon processors, ECC Ram, gobs of memory, and ridiculously fast storage — rolled up into the all-in-one chassis of iMac. And it shouldn’t really work. We’ve been told for years that what pros want is flexibility and expandability, configurable towers and upgradeable components. But it totally works. Because there are many kinds of pros and, for some, power is best when expressed through the whisper-quiet, eye-popping form of an integrated DCI-P3 5K display.”

“For the last few weeks I’ve been testing the lowest end, eight core, starting at $4999, one terabyte configuration of iMac Pro to see if it could hold up to my existing podcast and brand new YouTube workflow better than either my regular iMac or Kaby Lake MacBook Pro,” Ritchie writes. “The answer is yes, of course. It’s ludicrously powerful. But how exactly it did so, and the types of limits I ran into even on Apple’s new pro platform weren’t what I expected.”

“After several weeks on the worst iMac Pro Apple currently makes, I haven’t just survived. I’ve thrived,” Ritchie writes. “And at $4999 — and space gray! — that’s a great point of entry to a workstation-class Mac with a 5K display.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Yet another stellar review for Apple’s insanely powerful iMac Pro!

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  1. I bought the iMac Pro a couple of days ago and here are my thoughts:

    – screen is fu***kin gorgeous, I mean wow
    – some people hate the keyboard and mouse, personally I love them. Especially the keyboard.
    – looks fantastic. especially with the HomePod. (Haven’t seen this mentioned much but the HomePod with its 7 microphones is BY FAR the best speakerphone I’ve ever used. I just walk around my office and talk to clients like they’re sitting in the same room and they all say they had no idea I was on a speakerphone)
    – Fast AF. I’m coming from a late 2012 iMac that had 32GB of ram but man this thing flies through Premier Pro like its pissed off.
    – I almost dropped $7300 for the 10-core build, glad I bought this beast at Micro Center for $4300 OTD.

  2. For some pros the iMac Pro will be marvelous. For others with different needs we wait for the Mac Pro 2018. Having both in their pro lineup is a win-win. Beef up the Mac Mini while you’re at it and it’ll have it’s usage possibilities as well.

  3. As I said so often when others claimed they knew what a pro user was, there are many types of pro user even in the creative industry and 90% are not those that was being claimed by these self appointed ‘experts’. Many will even find this machine overkill even those working in the graphics industry, many however will love the extra power this machine offers and some will indeed need the power, flexibility and expandability of a Mac Pro. But again those who need the latter are very much the minority, if a very valuable one to build for.

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