Here’s the Apple Watch band that can detect irregular or dangerous heart rhythms

“Listen up, Apple Watch users: A new FDA-approved band is on the market and it can help you monitor your heart in a whole new way,” Leah Stodart reports for Mashable.

“AliveCor is a company known for their mobile heart monitors that can be stuck on the back of a smartphone and run an EKG,” Stodart reports. “After two years of testing, AliveCor was given the green light by the FDA to market the KardiaBand as a heart-monitoring wristband for the Apple Watch.”

“According to a study conducted by heart doctors at the Cleveland Clinic, researchers found that the band’s algorithm correctly distinguished AFib hearts from normal functioning hearts over 90 percent of the time,” Stodart reports. “Basically, this means that the KardiaBand can give people an instant and pretty accurate idea of whether they have something to worry about — an analysis that could only previously be done during a trip to the doctor.”

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MacDailyNews Take: There’s Apple Watch, a sophisticated, secure wrist-borne computer with the backing of major hospitals, medical researchers, insurance providers, and more. And, then there’s a bunch of toy stupidwatches. The Apple Watch wannabes are roadkill.

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  1. I stopped using mine due to a software bug. The Kardia Band watch app “hijacks” your activity rings… it is as if you are “working out” ALL the time. I’m waiting for AliveCor to update the app.

  2. I’ve got the regular Kardia mobile device, and it’s great. Wasn’t as keen on the band as it’s first-gen, black only with a subscription. Thought I’d wait for the 2nd gen.

    Interestingly, Sundar Pinchai is now their CEO if you know who he is and his background.

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