Analyst: Apple well-positioned to generate a ‘Revenue Super Cycle’ this year

“‘Even at the estimated almost flat annual volume share in 2018, Apple is well-positioned this year to generate a ‘Revenue Super Cycle’ taking iPhone generated revenues to record levels,’ Counterpoint Research Director Neil Shah said in a note,” Jon Swartz reports for Barron’s.

“The $1,000 smartphone — along with iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus—helped propel Apple to a commanding 76% of smartphone revenue in North America and 57% in Europe, according to Counterpoint,” Swartz reports. “Consumers’ willingness to pay a premium for the new smartphones resulted in record revenue during Apple’s fiscal first quarter ($88.3 billion, up 13% from the year-ago period) and its best-ever net income of $20.1 billion, and it widened its gap in market share with rival Samsung.”

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  1. I wish they’d stop talking about some Apple super-cycle for this or that. Apple certainly isn’t going to have any super-cycle for the iPhone in a saturated smartphone market. I don’t think anyone on Wall Street actually believes that nonsense. Every penny of the big investors is going to Amazon or the rest of the FANG stocks. I suspect even Microsoft will outperform Apple in 2018. Apple will be lucky to get “mom and pop” investor dregs.

    Apple has nothing else to create lots of revenue except the iPhone. Apple had to stupidly miss out on having a cloud business like every other major tech company.

    Apple could have gotten into the cloud business late but everyone claims that the cloud business has practically unlimited growth for years to come. Why doesn’t Apple catch on to what Wall Street praises all the time? Apple always has to do something Wall Street doesn’t like or considers useless for big investors.

    I’m sure Apple is being set up for failure again with this super-cycle nonsense. It’s practically impossible for Apple to do.

  2. Great, they got a shit-load of money!!!!!!!!

    Now either they built some good stuff……
    OR…..they are throwing out crap to placate the assumed consumer need.

    watch where you step……..

  3. why does superman need a super cycle?

    as for Apple, us long term investors know Apple doesn’t need a click bait ‘catalyst’ like a super cycle, we all know Apples phenomenal cash flow which has been steadily growing forever and its innovation ability — the latest being the Homepod, an iPhone ‘brain’ in a speaker – which will continue to propel it.

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